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Daedalus Service - Alpha Blending Icons for NT4/2000


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I can confirm that the MDI bug is gone, but only for non-maximized child windows. As you know, every MAXIMIZED document window kinda merge its titlebar with the application's main menu bar, thus the document icon ends up next to "File.../ Edit / etc." Well, the problem is there now. The icon's background is just a dark square.

On a side note, I've been inspecting the random bug I mentioned earlier regarding taskbar buttons and found that the problem is actually related to those titlebars showing system icons (folders, My Computer, etc., not appz). Their alpha channels don't look completely right. Besides, some icons in the system tray (for example, Windows Update)need to be clicked on for their alpha channels to show up.

Thanks for all your hard work, WildBill.

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I've uploaded Daedalus2 0.0.8, which you'll need if you install my unofficial MS10-048 hotfix (which I'll be uplodaing momentarily -- see the Win2k forum for details). In addition to the security patch, my hotfix adds 32-bit icon support to win32k.sys and user32.dll. This will break compatibility with Daedalus 0.0.7, but it also means that Daedalus only has to worry about adding support to image lists which are in comctl32.dll. This version of Daedalus is still compatible with unpatched Windows installations and it checks the file version of user32.dll to decide if it has to add support to user32 as well as comctl32.

The link for Daedalus2 0.0.8 is here:


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