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Daedalus Service - Alpha Blending Icons for NT4/2000


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Hi, I'm here to present a nice little project I developed with the guys at winprj.net :rolleyes:

It is Daedalus, a project was meant to introduce 32-bit Alpha-Blended icons support in Windows NT 4, and later expanded to work on Windows 2000 too. It is implemented as a service, therefore can be started/stopped on demand, which can be useful in case some conflict arises, though ideally that should never happen :whistle:

Instructions, the changelog and the download can be found at the winprj.net's topic right here:


Screenshot (combined with NT4 Visual Update 3 Beta 2):


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Pretty neat. And it's in Delphi! Woohoo! :thumbup

One little nitpick: you have to use -d to uninstall, not -u. Some icons also come up blank when I run it, unfortunately. That said, even though I don't have MadCHook, I'm tempted to integrate it with SmoothText and try to fix the issues in it since SmoothText also overrides API calls.

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Does Daedalus suffer from the same drawbacks as Tihiy's RPL2K.DLL?

Such as reverting to 16 colour icons when:

- Active Desktop is on

- NetMeeting's Remote Desktop is on

- Places Bar on certain file open/save dialogs.


It apparently will not freak out when Active Desktop is on.

It does cause floating point errors in many programs.

- A bit of weird behavior that was remedied by a re-install.

Same red tinged alphas while dragging icons.

Alt+Tab is also not 32bit.

It seems like 98 is now better than 2000 at 32-bit icons.

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Major bug:

When the Daedalus Service is Started (services.msc) MS Word 2003 will crash and ask to recover my work and restart word. This will happen no matter what. Sometimes it will open to a new blank window, and further interaction with it causes the error. This is fixed by Stopping the Daedalus service from Services.msc.

Anyone else having the same problem?

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Daedalus is great !

The only bug I have found is that IconTweaker will not start (or run properly) if the Deadalus service is running.

So when I want to use IconTweaker, I must stop the service first, make the icon changes, and then re-start the service (and sometimes the shell icon cache needs to be cleared).

This happens on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server.

Apologies if this problem has already been reported: seeing as IconTweaker is what many use to update their system icons, I though I'd mention this issue.

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