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Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Troubles


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Anybody has troubles with 7200.11 under the linux? In failures statistics i can't find peoples with this OS.

I'd be very surprised if this problem was related to the OS in use, but I don't think it is very probable. It is obviously rather related to the firmware of the drive itself.

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Oh the irony.

So I haven't posted anything on Seagate's site for quite awhile, just logged on every once in awhile to check PM's.

Out of the blue:

We're sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.

* You have been banned for the following reason:

Continuous violation of the Seagate Community rules and regulations.

Now, I had a discussion with AlanM about a post I made, and we sorted it out. Since then the most I did, was point other users back to our original "Falling Down" thread on the Seagate forum... Laughable!

So let's get this straight, I was the #1 users for Kudos on the site, probably helped more people than Seagate's moderators and support combined, and I get banned? You guys have some balls. I mean, if they want the heat turned up even more, I am more than willing to put more effort into it... Way to go $eagate, you are proving once again that you are trying to cover this up the best you can.

Since I know that Seagate mods are probably perusing this board, I welcome them to PM me with the date I was banned, and specific "continuous violations" you speak of. There may have been 2 posts, one asking people to PM me for something, and another for using a cuss word..

****Funny, I just went through every single post and I only had ONE posted message edited****

Edited by fatlip
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the EEPROM on my board is a 25fw406a.

Thanks you



25FW406A: 2



gvsyn, pichi

Nice find, so I have hopes to desolder it and hard flash it with a Serial Flasher, but I'll need a good firmware version first, and it should be extracted directly from serial flash IC, since .lod files are cryptographed by $eagate.


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I own a ST3500320AS, puchased Dec 15, 2008. Made in Thailand, firmware SD15. Luckily, I have not experienced a failure yet, but I believe it's imminent based on all I've read.

BTW, the Seagate KB article is back up. I just accessed it now:


I am hopeful that those of us who haven't yet experienced failures will be offered a firmware upgrade that will alleviate our fears. Although based on the lack of customer service and quality on Seagate's part, even a firmware upgrade will still have me cringing every time the drive needs to reboot.

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Hi from spain,

I work in a small shop and since this 2009 we are having lot of rma of 7200.11 with sd15.

One HD was put on computer at 4 of january and today it died so it only worked for 10 days!

seriously we will put other brand of hd because this is not serious....

Today I've submited and rma with 9! discs!

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I have just another question: In order to send a support email to seagate, you need to register as a new customer on this site:


Is it normal, that if you have entered all of your data in the support form, and then select another language than English in the "Choose your Language"-dropdown box, all the user input is deleted? Very strange, or is this a problem with my firefox broswer?

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