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  1. This afternoon will try how it works I don't mine having 2 bricks more
  2. Today I've received on my shop one 500 SD1A I could try to swap the controller with one failed sd15, do you think it would work?
  3. some of them are working but... the others are bricked
  4. I've ended one chat with one of the support team. She said to send her the serial nº and all the info I could send to her to see better the cases. At the moment she told to me not to firmware any more drive
  5. Has anyone tried the update on a PC where the drive is not visible in BIOS? In other words tried the "S" (IIRC) to scan for drives, and see if it appears. Perhaps the firmware updater can see the drive, even though BIOS can't. im no IT pro but i think thats pretty much unlikely. if the bios cant detect the drive how can a application see it? i might be wrong and i hope that i am but i dont have the know how to attempt this and risk further damaging the drive. any suuggestions It would be possible to force some thing of command trought the sata but I think that only seagate could know this Adios amigo (desde lleida :=))
  6. As I said the "new" firmware bricks the 500gb one's 2 HDs of mine that were working correctly after the update they can't be partitioned on windows. also I tried to put the board from sd1a to a bricked sd15 and it doesn't work. will wait to another firmware and see if it bricks the other hds I've to test f***ing crap f***ing seagate
  7. 've been trying with last night fix with the Grand Trash one's. seems that the sd1a briked them! o_O
  8. nice will give a try tomorrow Althought the bad ones will not be recovered with the firmware ? or yes? PD: sorry for my bad english , not my native language and I usually only read in it so my writing sucks a little ^_^
  9. GT stand for Great Trash But shhh tell nobody, that awesome TM is for a few. After all this, no more Seagates to me, for life (not even for free). Gradius nice! Althought on our shop no more seagates too , will give try in some time but until 6 month we will go with western + samsung I think.
  10. As you said , with the iso it said to me that drive not detected I've seen today that 4 drives that I received last week are Barracuda GT in front of the normal barracuda, anybody knows the difference? (firm is also sd15)
  11. ok will give a try cause if not I can't sell any hd from the shop :/ another question, has anybody info about the free recovery from seagate? about how to do it? thx!
  12. Hi all, does it work the .iso? I've downloaded it and it seems to have only seagate checkdrive and i don't see anyting that could bot the system to fw the drive.... thanks all
  13. Hi from spain, I work in a small shop and since this 2009 we are having lot of rma of 7200.11 with sd15. One HD was put on computer at 4 of january and today it died so it only worked for 10 days! seriously we will put other brand of hd because this is not serious.... Today I've submited and rma with 9! discs!
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