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  1. LAZAROS, It is dangerous to connect to PCB while power is connected. There are other methods, such as unscrewing the top 2 or 3 screws closest to the Spindle motor and sliding in a card to kill the contacts to the motor, and then starting that way. There is also a method (pretty much the same) where you kill the contacts to the other set of connectors. If you take the PCB board off, you will see that there are two sets. The partition format is not a data format of your data. It is a format of the user partition stored in the firmware. Just make sure you are patient when this runs and let it go as long as it takes. I have seen anywhere from 5-10 seconds to 2 minutes. G
  2. This happened to my friends drive after about 4 days. This was when the bunk firmware was released, so I didn't have a good firmware to upgrade with.
  3. First I have removed my slightly nasty post I made a few days back about aviko. I apologize. It did look like he was provoking a flamewar, but after being away for a few days, I have returned to see all the helpful posts he has made. Sorry Aviko! (PS:where were you 2 months ago when this all started? )
  4. I never called anyone a thief. Yeah but calling him a thief? Come on guys.
  5. And on a side note, Pichi and myself are not pursuing any sort of "business" from this.
  6. Aviko, Removed bad comments re: aviko I pointed date when solutions were available to users. Of course they worked some time on it before release, but there was no way to stole it. Sorry for my english, as you see its not my native language.
  7. This does a scan of connected devices regardless of BIOS status. I should point out that other lights at the bottom can be active, but the BUSY light will always stay BUSY!
  8. See the tutorial I just posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=129263
  9. Some people have been wondering if their drive is actually suffering from the "BUSY" state problem that causes the drive not to be detected in the BIOS. There should be ZERO risk to your drive doing this as long as you follow the instructions! !!!!!Victoria is a powerful program, so do not mess around with any options other than specified, unless you really know what you are doing!!!!! Here is a quick and dirty guide to check if this is in fact, what has happened to your drive; What you need: 1)- a functioning computer running Windows XP/2K/2003 (not sure if it works on Vista) 2)- your "suspect" hard drive installed and hooked up to a SATA port in your PC 3)- WinRar, or another program that can extract RAR files 4)- Download this software - Victoria for Windows 5)- Extract the rar file to a location you can remember "C:\Temp or C:\Victoria" 6)- Go to the folder and execute the the "Victoria43.exe" file 7)- Now you will see the opening screen: 8)- Next you need to switch the program to PIO mode in the top right 9)- Now click the PCI Scan button 10)- You will see a list of drives listed; hopefully your bricked drive will be obvious, but go down the list and when you select the suspect drive, you will see this at the bottom: I hope this helps some of you actually diagnose the problem instead of "guessing". Fatlip Addendum: I have seen drives that show as BUSY that have other issues beyond just being stuck in this state! It is a start, but not a "Be all end all" determination if you have a bricked drive.
  10. Welcome to 50+ pages of reading http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128092 I believe your model is affected by the bug described here, but you would need to download Victoria for Windows to be sure. G
  11. Set to PIO Mode: then click PCI Scan This will list all the connected drives. You will need to click through them on the left until you find the locked one. The light at the bottom will just stay on BUSY. You can use the "Passport" button on each drive until you find the one that fails to retrieve the Passport options. This will be your dead drive.
  12. Awesome! Make sure once you have gotten your essentials backed up, that you upgrade the firmware, otherwise your drive can/will brick again. Fatlip
  13. Triskel, Download "Victoria for Windows" When you switch it to "PIO Mode" in the top right, and select your non-functioning drive, you will see the light status stuck on "BUSY" at the bottom. If it is in this state, then yes, this fix will most likely help you. G
  14. Spell, the garbage characters are normal when you powercycle the drive. What you need to do now is place a card, or something non conducting under the spindle motor contacts as shown in the tutorial. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8807&st=100

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