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Important changes regarding hfslip 1.7.8 / 2.0 since August 2008


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[Recent updates]

* 2008/12/06: Updated item 7 (new timezone update)

* 2008/11/30: Added link to tommyp's patch list. Sorted out all items now fully covered by that list. Updated/corrected some of the remaining topics.

* Still to do somewhen in the future: inclusion of new topics that arised meanwhile (see according threads).

* 2009/09/28: Greyed out all remaining items (no text changes) as they are outdated now. Prevents that someone mistakenly uses this information.

[/Recent updates]

Hello all,

This thread is intended to provide a list of things to consider when using hfslip 1.7.8 or hfslip 2.0 in their current state. As hfslip is currently not maintained by Tomcat76 and we're all eagerly waiting for his triumphant return, some deltas have shown up compared to the descriptions in the respective hfslip posts or the hfslip.org website. I thought it would be useful to give some assistance and guidance to those lost in the amount of changes. Where applicable I'm just linking to the original threads with all the details and download locations.

Please post any additional issues here that I may have forgotten or overseen, or possible improvements mentioned in the other threads but not yet integrated into hfslip. This way we have a compact collection of issues that TC76 can tackle after his re-appearance, just to make things easier for him ;)

Update November 2008: there's now a great post of tommyp which not only collects all the hotfixes and updates that were previously in my list below, but also all other important links of TC76's original list. Therefore I removed everything from my list what is now covered by the XP updates version of tommyp's list.

1) Improvement idea: remove need for workstations service to figure out the OS version

The idea itself is debatable as the discussion in the thread shows, so maybe it doesn't make sense to realize that "improvement" at all. We can leave the final conclusion to TC76.

2) Driver merging broken for options "A" to "C", at least in hfslip 1.7.8 (not sure about hfslip 2.0, can someone test this?).

3) Windows Update Agent 3.0. Item obsolete now, link to most recent version to be found in the update list.

4) CABs for Microsoft Update. Item obsolete now, links to most recent versions to be found in the update list.

5) Root certificates update. Item obsolete now, link to most recent version to be found in the update list.

6) New Windows Genuine Advantage Notification, now version

7) Time zone updates are no longer valid. The appropriate packages (a .cab and .cmd file, for both hfslip 1.7.8 and hfslip 2.0) are outdated since the most recent December 2008 time zone update from Microsoft. Remove the packages from HFTOOLS and instead include the time zone update KB955839 into directory HFSVCPACK_SW1.

Please note that this is still valid as long as there are no updated HFTOOLS packages. The update list contains still links to the outdated Juni 2008 versions of TC76!

8) Hardcoded ActiveX killbits, update KB956391. Part of the update list now, but please consider the following instructions:

Include the update into directory HF and set "NoKillBits=YES" in HFANSWER.INI (see http://hfslip.org/changelog.html for version 1.7.8 or first post of http://www.msfn.org/board/HFSLIP-20-works-t116421.html, changes of 80612a, for version 2.0).

There is a problem with this update which results in it not being recognized as installed after the Windows setup is finished (see threads here and here). The solution is to put a special .reg file into HFSVCPACK.

If you're still using IE6 with SP3 please note that the security update KB956390 (MS08-058) also sets killbits for some COM objects and ActiveX controls, according to http://patch-info.de/artikel/2008/10/14/564

9) Flash package. Item obsolete now, link to most recent version to be found in the update list.

10) Windows Search 4.0 does not work when integrated via the HF folder and the corresponding HFTOOLS plugin (hfslip 2.0 only). Until this is fixed the plugin should be removed from HFTOOLS, and the Windows Search file itself should be moved from HF folder to HFSVCPACK_SW1 (so it gets installed correctly at T-13). See my post regarding that issue.

11) DirectX Redistributable. Item obsolete now, link to most recent version to be found in the update list.

12) Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). Item obsolete now, link to most recent version to be found in the update list.

13) Windows Media Updates are missing for WMP11. The following files should be included to satisfy WU/MU when WMP11 is slipstreamed:

KB936782 (MS07-047)

KB954154 (MS08-054)



14) Regular Windows Updates. Please use the update list mentioned above. If you find a flaw in there, report it to tommyp. This way we have a "single point of truth", i.e. only one reference.

15) Optional Windows Updates. I'm afraid you're on your own here... There are many many optional updates - some of them mentioned by TC76 and/or tommyp, others not. I'm sure everyone has his/her own list here on what to include and what not. I've not done a Windows installation for quite a while now and no time to do so anytime soon.

We'd be glad if someone could provide a reasonable list of updates which are proposed by WU/MU for this "optional" category, so that after including them there's no update reported as missing by Microsoft (except .Net-Framework, which is not treated here). I guess this is not the case with the current list, tommyp?

16) Windows Installer 4.5 does not install correctly when slipstreaming it via hfslip 2.0 (see this post below). Currently it has to be installed after Windows setup. Perhaps (can someone verify this?) it also works when putting the executable into SVCPACK_SW1 so it gets installed at T-13.

Another possibility seems to be direct integration with a clean XP SP3 source. This requires additional fiddling and a special .reg file (so solving this directly via hfslip would be preferred of course), but if you want to try that, please see Lions post below for details.

Glad for your support and help,


Edited by Tomalak
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So far I have tested I have no big problems integrating latest October updates on Windows XP SP3. Thanks to the updated cabs files posted here I no longer have to download anything before I can check for updates at Microsoft Update site. Also the integrated Flash 10 Player works fine.

The only problem I have is integrating Cumulative ActiveX Killbits update KB956391.

I have removed KB953839 and also set NOKILLBITS=YES in the answerfile, but apparently it just don't get installed.

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It's been a while I haven't used HFSLIP. Last time I used it, the only problem so far was that I couldn't integrate Windows Installer 4.5 (KB942288 v3) with the latest HFSLIP 2.0 pre-alpha (80630a). The problem is still the "Windows Installer" service not showing up in the Services list (more info here and here), but it's an error related to the hotfix (because I tried with the /integrate switch and got the same error, as I described here), not to HFSLIP. I don't know if it behaves the same with other languages (I use Win XP Italian), but there must be something wrong in the installer.

Meanwhile, I execute it with the /quiet /norestart switch via RunOnce with no problems, but it would be better to directly slipstream it.

Another thing, more a feature request than a bug reporting. When slipstreaming DirectX redist, is it possible to integrate also Microsoft.DirectX.*.xml (DirectX for managed Code) files?

I must say I hope Tomcat76 will come back soon, but if he's busy with other things, I can understand ;) Bye :P

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Hi all and thank you, Tomalak, for the very useful work you're doing.

I'm a (very) happy user of HFSLIP (and nLite), and I would give my little contribution to overcome these difficult times due to the absence of our favorite "guru" :thumbup .

Following your instructions and adopting a hybrid solution (using HFSLIP to integrate some of the updates, and NLITE for the remainder), I managed to get a fully functional and updated Windows XP SP 3 (Italian) installation CD.

I state first that my goal was to get a "clean", "lightweight" and updated installation, for use in my workstation, and then I was not interested in the integration of IE7, WMP11, Messenger and the corresponding updates.

So, I'm referring to a Windows XP PRO (CORP) SP3 (ITA), with IE6 SP1, default WMP, Windows Messenger removed (via nLite).

Furthermore, no WGA, no WGA Notifications, no Roots Certificate Update slipstreamed (because in the past I have experienced that the integration of these files can create problems when you upgrade an existing installation).

This was my path:

1) Fisrt of all, I made the direct integration of the Windows Installer 4.5 update into my installation SOURCE files, via the /integrate switch (KBArticleNumber /integrate:path);

2) Then, I used HFSLIP v1.7.8 (with the "NoKillBits=YES" and "DRIVERCOMP=F" options in HFANSWER.INI) to integrate the following updates:

[b]Files in HF folder[/b]:

[b]Files in HFCABS folder[/b]:
SWFLASH.CAB (v10.0.12.36, jimmsta package)

[b]Files in HFSVCPACK folder[/b]:
KB956391.REG (Special REG file for ActiveX killbits update)

[b]Files in HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder[/b]:
WindowsXP-KB951072-v2-x86-ITA.exe (Time Zone)

3) Finally, I used nLite (v1.4.9.1, Unattended Setup, UnattendMode = 5 "PROMPT REPAIR") to integrate the following (Security and NON Security) updates:

WindowsXP-KB938464-x86-ITA.exe (GDI+, not properly integrated with HFSLIP, at least for the ITA ver.)
WindowsXP-KB951830-x86-ITA.exe (DNS)
WindowsXP-KB951978-x86-ITA.exe (VBS-JS)
WindowsXP-KB952287-x86-ITA.exe (MDAC)
WindowsXP-KB953155-x86-ITA.exe (Windows Internet Printing Service, not properly integrated with HFSLIP)
WindowsXP-KB954708-x86-ITA.exe (XMP)

Result: a perfect XP PRO SP3 CD, usable for new installations as well as to upgrade existing ones (fully tested) and, in both cases, MS Updates says that there are no updates required (except for those not slipstreamed, i.e. WGA, WGA Notification and Roots Certificate).

Up to now, after two days of tests, the only "cosmetic" problem I noticed concerns the TimeZone update: after installation, my system had, as default, the local time of "Kabul"(!?!?) :wacko: , that I had to manually correct.

Ciao :hello:


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[Recent updates]

2008/10/29: MSI 4.5 integration didn't work even with old "/integrate method"

[/Recent updates]

First, thanks to Tomalak!

I followed Tomalak's updated post. My Microsoft Update (XP(czech) with integrated SP3) still wanted this updates after installation:

WindowsXP-KB951978 (VBS-JS)

WindowsXP-KB952287 (MDAC)

WindowsXP-KB958644 (new XP security update from 23/10/2008)

My workflow:


Integration of windows installer 4.5 with HFSLIP 1.7.8 didn't work. I had to integrate it directly to the "source", same way as Lions suggests.

(for example this way: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe /integrate:w:\xpcd\hfslip\source)

It didn't work for me. I'll integrate MSI4.5 via HFSVCPACK_SW1.


With HFSlip i integrate these hotfixes (+ branded IE7, +WMP11):

Files in HF folder:
msxml4-KB936181-enu.exe (not needed maybe, but some apps include old version and rewrite updated dll)

Files in HFCABS folder:

Files in HFSVCPACK folder:
kb956391.reg (Special REG file for ActiveX killbits update)

WindowsXP-KB951072-x86-CSY.exe (Time Zone)
WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe (MS Installer 4.5, see step 1)


Then I integrate two hotfixes (thanks to Lions), drivers, patches and tweaks with nLite :

Updates integrated with NLite:


Last step is to do few things manually ($OEM$ directory, tweaked WINNT.SIF, etc.). Make ISO. Burn. Pray. Install. Pray.

Up to now, after two days of tests, the only "cosmetic" problem I noticed concerns the TimeZone update: after installation, my system had, as default, the local time of "Kabul"(!?!?) :wacko: , that I had to manually correct.

Just a brief off-topic note. To solve the "Kabul" problem I use:

rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl,,/z Central Europe Standard Time

For Italy it should be:

rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl,,/z W. Europe Standard Time

(complete list: XP Timezone Names)

Edited by peter.michalcik
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Thanks for writing this all up! I've been trying to get MSI 4.5 integrated properly, and never thought to do the good 'ol /integrate: switch. :whistle: Perfect!

This is strange, I tried with the /integrate switch and it didn't work for me :blink:

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Oh yes!

1) I tried again and MSI 4.5 didn't integrate properly with /integrate switch. I will try to integrate it by HFSLIP/HFSVCPACK_SW1 method and update my post#7.

2) Maybe KB936181 is not needed for XP+SP3 but sometimes it showes up in MS Update. I think this depends on software you install on PC. Some apps include older versions of xmlcore, i think.

MS KB article: Security Update KB936181 may repeatedly appear in the update list on MU/WU

Edited by peter.michalcik
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Hi peter and Smiley89,

What kind of problem do you have with the direct integration of the MSI 4.5 update in a clean SOURCE?

In my case, direct integration was almost perfect: in a "real" XP installation, I had no problems, and the installer worked perfectly..... (Office 2003, Nero 6x, CorelDraw X3, PerfectDisk and other software installed successfully, without any warning or error message!).

The only "imperfections" that I noticed, are:

1) a different name of the Service: MSIServer instead of Windows Installer, as normally happens (but MSIServer is the TRUE name of the service);

2) lack of the service description.

The reason for this is that direct integration fails to include some information of "localization".

More specifically, these two string values, "Description" and "DisplayName", doesn't get added to the Windows registry, in the keys:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet(ControlSet001, ControlSet002....)\Services\MSIServer

But, again, these problems are purely cosmetic, because (at least in my case) the MSI service works perfectly.

I think that they can be easily solved by creating a specific REG file to be included in the HFSVCPACK folder, in the same way as for the KB956391.

Edit 1:

Here is a REG file that solves the above problems (it is for the Italian language, but it can be easily edited, replacing strings in any other language).


Edit 2

Many thanks, peter, for the good suggestion:

Just a brief off-topic note. To solve the "Kabul" problem:

For Italy it should be:

rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl,,/z W. Europe Standard Time

Problem solved by creating a TimeZone.CMD file, and inserting it in HFGUIRUNONCE folder.

Ciao :hello:

Edited by Lions
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Hi Lions,

the problem I have is the one you've experienced: the Windows Installer service not showing up in services list. I didn't search for MSIServer because I thought it was not integrated properly.

Maybe I'll try again to see if this is the problem.

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In TC's absence I'll put on my coding hat when I have free time. In working the issues on by one I have some Qs for clarification. I had to put hfslip aside for a bit so I could be involved with life and my coding skills are a bit rusty. :whistle:

1) The OS check using the workstation service seems to be a one time basis. Personally I find it hard to use a computer with the workstation service disabled (or deleted). HFSLIP has been using the same routine for quite some time to determine the OS. If someone else can think of a workaround, please contribute.

2) I've been trying the a/b/c merge on 2k pro and cannot replicate the issue that FDV points out. Does anyone else have this issue? If so, post up your hfslip log file so I can try to replicate things on this end. If I can't replicate it, I can't fix it.

3) *

4) *

5) *

6) *

7) *

8) Will work on this one later

9) *

10) *

11) *

12) *

13) *

14) *

15) *

16) *

* TC update list issue?

I can only do one prob at a time, and I have not much free time these days. Before anyone asks, I can only work updates for hfslip version 1.x.

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