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  1. I have no idea which update brings the 10.x.DLLs on the system. Do you?I think I reactivate this update for WMP9... Hmmm... Hi all, I think this is an HFSLIP (1.7.9. & 1.7.10. beta x) problem, which does not properly handle the WMP multiple updates in respect of WMP9. You can see also this post (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/142829-missing-ieshimsdll-werdll/page__view__findpost__p__916989), referring to KB973540, but the problem (in my experience) is common to all WMP multiple updates. For now, the only way I could solve this problem was to put all WMP multiple updates in in \HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder. Ciao Lions
  2. Hi brutus1234, I had the same problem some time ago, and I discovered it was caused by "WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB973540-x86-ITA.exe". Maybe HFSLIP 1.7.9. & 1.7.10. beta x do not correctly handle this update in respect of WMP9: at the end of the slipstreaming process (XP PRO SP3 "clean", IE6, WMP9, security updates only), I noticed that in SOURCESS\i386 folder, the files WMP.DLL and WMPDXM.DLL (contained in KB973540) are updated to version 10, not 9. So, after installation, they are not recognized as components of WMP9, which refuses to start. Problem solved putting KB973540 in \HFSVCPACK_SW1 (or, alternatively, to recover the existing installation, by extracting files for v. 9 and overwriting existing ones in \SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE and \SYSTEM32 folders of the installed XP). Ciao Lions
  3. Lions

    Windows Updates

    Hi all, I would give my little contribution to keep updated Windows 2000 list: 1) KB926121 (Remote Installation Services - RIS) is an optional component. If RIS is not installed, the update gives an error message... 2) KB926122 has been replaced by KB934484 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS08-003.mspx), wich has been replaced by KB949014 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms08-035.mspx). So, only KB949014 (currently missing) should be included in the list. 3) KB937894 has been replaced by KB951071 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS08-065.mspx) 4) KB941569 is listed twice. 5) Security and optional updates missing from the list: -KB941644 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms08-001.mspx) -KB950760 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS08-032.mspx), NOT replaced by KB9353839 -KB953839 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/953839.mspx) -KB957280 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS08-060.mspx) -WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-XXX-x86.EXE (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917275/en-us) Ciao
  4. Hi peter and Smiley89, What kind of problem do you have with the direct integration of the MSI 4.5 update in a clean SOURCE? In my case, direct integration was almost perfect: in a "real" XP installation, I had no problems, and the installer worked perfectly..... (Office 2003, Nero 6x, CorelDraw X3, PerfectDisk and other software installed successfully, without any warning or error message!). The only "imperfections" that I noticed, are: 1) a different name of the Service: MSIServer instead of Windows Installer, as normally happens (but MSIServer is the TRUE name of the service); 2) lack of the service description. The reason for this is that direct integration fails to include some information of "localization". More specifically, these two string values, "Description" and "DisplayName", doesn't get added to the Windows registry, in the keys: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet(ControlSet001, ControlSet002....)\Services\MSIServer But, again, these problems are purely cosmetic, because (at least in my case) the MSI service works perfectly. I think that they can be easily solved by creating a specific REG file to be included in the HFSVCPACK folder, in the same way as for the KB956391. Edit 1: Here is a REG file that solves the above problems (it is for the Italian language, but it can be easily edited, replacing strings in any other language). WindowsXP_KB942288_v3_x86.reg Edit 2 Many thanks, peter, for the good suggestion: Problem solved by creating a TimeZone.CMD file, and inserting it in HFGUIRUNONCE folder. Ciao
  5. I am not sure for the English version, but for the Italian one is required: and here for some infos about problems related to this update: Ciao Lions
  6. Hi all and thank you, Tomalak, for the very useful work you're doing. I'm a (very) happy user of HFSLIP (and nLite), and I would give my little contribution to overcome these difficult times due to the absence of our favorite "guru" . Following your instructions and adopting a hybrid solution (using HFSLIP to integrate some of the updates, and NLITE for the remainder), I managed to get a fully functional and updated Windows XP SP 3 (Italian) installation CD. I state first that my goal was to get a "clean", "lightweight" and updated installation, for use in my workstation, and then I was not interested in the integration of IE7, WMP11, Messenger and the corresponding updates. So, I'm referring to a Windows XP PRO (CORP) SP3 (ITA), with IE6 SP1, default WMP, Windows Messenger removed (via nLite). Furthermore, no WGA, no WGA Notifications, no Roots Certificate Update slipstreamed (because in the past I have experienced that the integration of these files can create problems when you upgrade an existing installation). This was my path: 1) Fisrt of all, I made the direct integration of the Windows Installer 4.5 update into my installation SOURCE files, via the /integrate switch (KBArticleNumber /integrate:path); 2) Then, I used HFSLIP v1.7.8 (with the "NoKillBits=YES" and "DRIVERCOMP=F" options in HFANSWER.INI) to integrate the following updates: [b]Files in HF folder[/b]: directx_aug2008_redist.exe msxml4-KB936181-ita.exe windows-kb890830-v2.3.exe windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB950762-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB950974-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB951066-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB951376-v2-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB951698-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB951748-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB952954-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB954211-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB956390-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB956391-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB956803-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB956841-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB957095-x86-ITA.exe [b]Files in HFCABS folder[/b]: IEAWSDC.CAB MUAuth.cab muweb_site.cab OGAControl.cab opuc4.cab SWFLASH.CAB (v10.0.12.36, jimmsta package) wbemoc.cab [b]Files in HFSVCPACK folder[/b]: KB956391.REG (Special REG file for ActiveX killbits update) [b]Files in HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder[/b]: WindowsXP-KB951072-v2-x86-ITA.exe (Time Zone) 3) Finally, I used nLite (v1.4.9.1, Unattended Setup, UnattendMode = 5 "PROMPT REPAIR") to integrate the following (Security and NON Security) updates: WindowsXP-KB938464-x86-ITA.exe (GDI+, not properly integrated with HFSLIP, at least for the ITA ver.) WindowsXP-KB951830-x86-ITA.exe (DNS) WindowsXP-KB951978-x86-ITA.exe (VBS-JS) WindowsXP-KB952287-x86-ITA.exe (MDAC) WindowsXP-KB953155-x86-ITA.exe (Windows Internet Printing Service, not properly integrated with HFSLIP) WindowsXP-KB954708-x86-ITA.exe (XMP) Result: a perfect XP PRO SP3 CD, usable for new installations as well as to upgrade existing ones (fully tested) and, in both cases, MS Updates says that there are no updates required (except for those not slipstreamed, i.e. WGA, WGA Notification and Roots Certificate). Up to now, after two days of tests, the only "cosmetic" problem I noticed concerns the TimeZone update: after installation, my system had, as default, the local time of "Kabul"(!?!?) , that I had to manually correct. Ciao Lions
  7. I have tried only in unattended mode (in v. 1.7.2. was almost perfect....). Two tests for each version, STD and PRO. In the first case, with STD version, I had a different fault: in the middle of the setup an error message told me that the installation via "transform.mst" is not supported (strangely, because I had no problems and I have run smoothly from an admin install created with Slipstreamer v1.6.2). Ok for the test version. Ciao
  8. Hi mara-, bad news, sorry... Unlike the previous version, with v1.7.3. there is no way, for me, to complete an unattended setup of Office 2003 Pro. The installation is interrupted almost at the end, with an error message: "Impossible to complete MS Office setup".... reporting the problem to Microsoft... In Event Viewer there is an "Event ID: 5000" - Office 11 Setup, containing the following information: P1 : (90110410-6000-11d38cfe-0150048383c9) P2 : 11.0.8173.0 P3 : iscachelockedfeaturestates P4 : 0 P5, 6, 7 : x Office 2003 setup(0001).txt says: "Successfully launched MsiExec.... 16/09/2008 21.29.11 Chained install return code: 1603 Exit code was an error. Shutting down chained setup processing. Error returned from install, removing cache. Using Office Source Engine at path: W:\FILES\SETUP\OSE.EXE Successfully started Office Source Engine in stand-alone mode. Set Verbose logging for subsequent setup. ***** Setup exits 16/09/2008 21.29.11 (return = 1603) " and Office 2003 setup(0001)_Task.txt: === Fine registrazione: 16/09/2008 21.29.11 === MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:453]: Note: 1: 1708 MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:453]: Prodotto: Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 -- Impossibile completare l'operazione di installazione. MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:453]: Attempting to delete file I:\Temp\882d64.mst MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:453]: Unable to delete the file. LastError = 32 MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:468]: Grabbed execution mutex. MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:468]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist MSI © (18:8C) [21:29:11:468]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603 === Verbose logging stopped: 16/09/2008 21.29.11 === Ciao Lions
  9. Hi mara-, Not a real failure, but only an error message box that appears at the end of the installation process, which is completed successfully and without problems: Office is installed and configured correctly, with all my personal settings activated and functioning properly. The error message is generated by REGEDIT, right at the end of the setup, when HOTFIXES.REG should be added to the registry. Only THIS operation fails, and the registry does not get updated. After adding manually HOTFIXES.REG (doubleclicking on it) and after a healthy reboot, MS Update says I still need these 3 "obsolete" updates: KB955434 (OLK FLT, August versione replaced by Sept. ver.), KB950241 (WORD, 05/13/2008 ver., replaced) KB943985V2 (EXCEL 03/19/2008 ver., replaced) Those hotfixes are not on your (and mine) list of updates, because they were replaced by newer hotfixes. I did a Direct Slipstream using version 1.7.2 with SP3 and the 15 hot fixes of your list of updates, adding the 3 new updates of September, and removing older version of the Outlook Filters. I made three tests, all with the same result. After installing the 3 updates reported, MS Update was happy and said "no updates available". Ciao Lions
  10. Hi mara-, Italian translation updated for v1.7.x. italian.zip Tested v1.7.2. (MSO 2003 PRO + SP3 + updates list + 09/09/2008 updates), in direct slipstream + my TRANSFORM.MST, and I'm having two little problems: 1) missing HOTFIXES.REG in local MSOCACHE, generating a REGEDIT error: Failed to import file X:\MSOCACHE\....\SETUP\hotfixes.reg (manually added) 2) WU missing Hotfixes: KB955434 (OLK FLT, 08/12/2008 UPDATE), KB950241 (WORD, 05/13/2008 UPDATE) and KB943985V2 (EXCEL 03/19/2008 UPDATE). 2008_09_10_17.49.11_log.zip Ciao Lions
  11. Italian Language translation updated (05/30/2008). Ciao italian_lng_Updated_05_30_2008_version.rar
  12. Hi mara-, here i am. Updated italian.lng (05/20/2005). Two small cosmetic problems: 1) missing label "Save Product Key now" in english.lng (and then, of course, in translation); 2) Italian translation would require 2 or 3 more pixels in the "Organization" label of the "Slipstreamer" Tab (Sorry, but we have no shorter synonymous.....). Also, i had some problems in synthesizing translation of the "Info" box in the "Outlook Attachment Unblocker" tab. 1 or 2 more rows would be very comfortable, if it were possible. Tested v1.6 Beta 4 on a Office 2003 STD ed. (previously bypassed....), and everything went perfectly. Ciao Lions italian_lng_Updated_05_20_2008_version.rar
  13. Hi mara-, Italian Language translation updated (05/14/2008). Ciao Lions italian_lng_Updated_to_05_14_2008_version.rar
  14. Hi mara-, here is a new Italian Language translation, updated to the latest version of English.lng (04/05/2008). I tested Slipstreamer v. 1.5.1., and everything went OK. Thanks for your great work... Ciao Lions Office_Slipstreamer_italian_languge_Updated_to_1.5.1_version.zip
  15. Ok, here is my little contribution for those who have Italian version of Office 2003 (Professional). Ciao Lions database_reg_for_Italian_Off2K3_Post_SP3_Updates.txt
  16. Hi, mara-, I made the updates from WU, and the only differences that I found are: for KB943649 (OLKINTL), the Reg key name in your database is: .......\S-1-5-18\Products\0140110900063D11C8EF10054038389C\Patches\3DC50BAEE72B76844A4DB2658F66C653 the correct one for Italian patch is: .......\S-1-5-18\Products\0140110900063D11C8EF10054038389C\Patches\0CCB7EFDEE8730C4C90D94DD483EAD0A for KB943452 (FORMMAN20ENU), theReg key name in your database is: .......\S-1-5-18\Products\0140110900063D11C8EF10054038389C\Patches\F6900B7701894B74297DE043C1A5E5EC the correct one for Italian patch is: .......\S-1-5-18\Products\0140110900063D11C8EF10054038389C\Patches\B89354602EA16E44396B47B57AC119D5 You can also compare the reg key names with with those contained in the Reg file attached in my previous post (#102) (office2003_Italian.reg). Bye Lions
  17. No mistake with LCID Hex, I used 0410. Testings results: 1) After installing Office 2003 (unattended) on a fresh new Win2K SP4 fully updated installation, MU-WU gave me these results: HIGH PRIORITY UPDATES: - KB943649 (OLKINTL) - KB943452 (FORMMAN20ENU) (damned.....) - KB912440 (Office2K3 Alternative User Input: for W2K SP4 only, not a Slipstreamer problem). 2) for KB943452 there is also a mistake in Reg informations: "DisplayName"="Actualización critica de office 2003: KB943452: FORMMAN20ENU", string in Spanish instead of Italian or English (but I'm sure this is not the reason of the WU reporting, because I tried to replace the string with the correct one, and even after a reboot the WU result is the same....) If it can be helpful to you, I am attaching the Reg file extracted from the new installation. Good weekend, see you Monday UserData_S_1_5_18_Products_PATCHES.reg
  18. Good news. Tested Slipstreamer three more times, and everything went OK!!! Sorry for the unintentional (and strange...) false alarm. Now I'm going to try a new Office (unattended) installation to see if WU is happy or not. Bye
  19. Hi mara-, here is my feedback for beta 3 (no good news....): 1) Windows Installer window NOT hidden: "Preparing setup...", "Wait...". Windows appear for each slipstreamed update.... 2) Slipstream process blocked at KB945432 with the following message: "AutoIt Error Line -1: Error: Unable to execute the external program." 3) Pop-ups which refers schakan probably are Windows XP "File Execution Protection" messages (I also have them, but they are not a Slipstreamer problem). Here is my log. Cheers Lions OfficeSlipstreamer_beta_3_log.txt
  20. Hi Mara-, first of all, thank You very much for the great job. I'm sorry, but I have some problems with Office 2003 Professional (Corporate) italian version and Office Slipstreamer v1.5.b1 (no problems with previous versions, 1.3x, 1.4): everything's OK until the update "office2003-KB943452-FullFile-ITA (FORMMAN20ENU)" is processed, then the program crashes and the following message appears: "AutoIt Error Line - 1: Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscript or subscript dimension range exceeded" When I click OK, the slipstream procedure stops without additional messages. No luck in: 1) uninstalling and re-installing Slipstreamer, 2) manually adding italian updates reg info in database.reg. Here is Slipstreamer log, italian updates list and the corrisponding "Office2003(italian).reg" i created from a fully updated Office installation. Have a good day Lions Office2k3_ITA_Updates_List.txt office2003_Italian_.reg OfficeSlipstreamer_log.txt
  21. Hi Jayk, did you installed the Service Pack 3 for Office2003 (except in the old file server...)? If so, I had a similar problem with Word 2.0, Word 95 and WORD 97 (!!!) DOC files, and perhaps these MS KB articles can help you: "Information about certain file formats that are blocked after you install Office 2003 Service Pack 3" or "You receive an error message when you try to open or to save a file type that was blocked by your registry policy settings in Word 2007 or in Word 2003" Links: "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938810/en-us" "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922849/en-us". Ciao Liano
  22. First hotfix POST-SP3 for Office 2003: Information and download link: "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943452/en-us": "Critical Update for Office 2003 (KB943452) addresses an issue in Office 2003 where uninstall and repair of Office behave unexpectedly after Service Pack 3 has been installed. This issue is described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Description of the Crticial Update for Office 2003 (KB943452)." "These issues affect only the following language versions of Office 2003: • Dutch • French • Italian • German • Portuguese-Brazil • Spanish • Swedish These issues do not affect the English version of Office 2003 or other language versions of Office 2003." Maybe this update can help someone... Ciao
  23. @brucevangeorge: Until now, there is only one hotfix POST-SP3 for Office 2003 (except Outlook Junk E-mail Filters...). Information and download link: "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943452/en-us": "Critical Update for Office 2003 (KB943452) addresses an issue in Office 2003 where uninstall and repair of Office behave unexpectedly after Service Pack 3 has been installed. This issue is described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Description of the Crticial Update for Office 2003 (KB943452)." "These issues affect only the following language versions of Office 2003: • Dutch • French • Italian • German • Portuguese-Brazil • Spanish • Swedish These issues do not affect the English version of Office 2003 or other language versions of Office 2003." Ciao

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