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more compatible batch file for ording drive letters


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Find attached another example.

Nothing actually working, but a little step further. :unsure:

Check testwmic3.cmd:

Finding the escaping characters needed to use the "Where" operator with the value "Disk #m, Partition #n" and redirecting failing instances to nul can only be described as a nightmare! :w00t:

Rule seems to be that you need to enclose the Where argument into brackets () to be able to use the quotes "" inside it, and when in a FOR loop:

equal sign = needs to be escaped

quotes " and commas , (that normally would need to be escaped) need NOT to be escaped



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It seems to me that after all WMIC is not "the" solution, but it may be part of it.

I seem not to be able through WMIC to "find a relationship" between PHYSICALDRIVEs and LogicalDrives when the device is "Removable".

Moreover it seems like the available data go as deep as finding Extended Partitions but not deep enough to find Logical Volumes inside them.

Find attached another example, it seems to me that it gathers all available data through WMIC. :unsure:



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Almost, but not quite, completely unrelated ;)





VLM (part of the DSFOK package):


Output sample:

C: FIX \\.\Volume{b0b284c3-8a33-11dd-8781-806d6172696f} \HarddiskVolume1
D: CDR \\.\Volume{80cf88c2-8a34-11dd-813c-806d6172696f} \CdRom0
E: FIX \\.\Volume{b0b284c4-8a33-11dd-8781-806d6172696f} \HarddiskVolume2
G: REM \\.\Volume{80cf88c4-8a34-11dd-813c-806d6172696f} \Harddisk4\DP(1)0-0+b
H: REM \\.\Volume{80cf88c5-8a34-11dd-813c-806d6172696f} \Harddisk5\DP(1)0-0+c
I: REM \\.\Volume{80cf88c6-8a34-11dd-813c-806d6172696f} \Harddisk6\DP(1)0-0+d
J: FIX \\.\Volume{98f06d4c-9506-11dd-8147-001fc6bb76ce} \HarddiskVolume3
K: FIX \\.\Volume{98f06d4d-9506-11dd-8147-001fc6bb76ce} \HarddiskVolume4
L: FIX \\.\Volume{98f06d4e-9506-11dd-8147-001fc6bb76ce} \HarddiskVolume5
M: FIX \\.\Volume{98f06d4f-9506-11dd-8147-001fc6bb76ce} \HarddiskVolume6
N: REM \\.\Volume{80cf88c3-8a34-11dd-813c-806d6172696f} \Harddisk3\DP(1)0-0+a
S: REM \\.\Volume{5d3e8800-9c1f-11dd-8148-001fc6bb76ce} \Harddisk2\DP(1)0-0+5

Runnning listdosdevices with a /? parameters outputs a mess of data, maybe it can be useful. :unsure:

A similar app is dosdev:


and on the same page there is devioctl.

Devioctl with the GEOMETRY <drive> parameters gives the needed info, <drive> can be:

  • drive letter
  • PhysicalDriven

(but it won't work -obviously- :unsure: for Removable devices where no media is inserted :()



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DiskExt v1.1 which gives each disk it mount volume and drive letters.

Yep :), but it won't give you ANY more info than mountvol for Removable devices like SD card readers when there is no media in them.....:(

A more useful app is the dd for windows version by John Newbigin:


try running

dd --list



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