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  1. Here is the part of the script that rearranged the drives... Output: SOURCEDRIVE | VOLUMENUMBER/PROVIDERNAME | PROGRAM | TARGETDRIVE Latest version v1.1 Rename the extension to .vbs SortDrives.vbs.txt Cheers Wim
  2. Hi Jaclaz, function have been added. http://www.msfn.org/board/Switching-drive-...rs-t125992.html Wim
  3. Hi Jaclaz, see v2.3 Using windows register requires a restart to see the changes, I started with that idea as well. Thats why I use windows diskpart. I use windows net to change network drives. I do not publish the script yet because I am still working on it. Regards, Wim
  4. App. for switching and rearranging drive letters. Requires VBScript version 5.5 or later. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000, 2003 and 2008. Latest version v2.4.5 Changes v2.3 > v2.4 Rearranging drive letters function added. Other functions optimized. Changes v2.1 > v2.3 Network drive letter(s) can be changed. All drives will be ejected first before changing the drive letter. Popup removed. Tested in Windows XP Latest versions of Drive letter switch 2.4 can be downloaded here: (Full - with progress bar) http://www.wimdejong.com/downloads/DriveLetterSwitch.rar (Lite - no progress bar) DriveLetterSwitchLite.rar Can also be used from the command line. Command line uses: HELP: "DriveLetterSwitch.exe /?" SWITCHING DRIVE LETTERS: "DriveLetterSwitch.exe SourceDrive TargetDrive" or "DriveLetterSwitch.exe SourceDrive TargetDrive /S" silent mode REARRANGING DRIVE LETTERS: "DriveLetterSwitch.exe < >" or "DriveLetterSwitch.exe < > /S" silent mode This utility is using Windows net.exe and Windows diskpart.exe Wim
  5. I have written a vb script for switching drive letters. See post http://www.msfn.org/board/Switching-drive-...748#entry810748 Wim