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How to install Windows from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI


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On 4/23/2020 at 10:30 AM, jaclaz said:

Now, when you run (WITHOUT mapping (fd0) to (hd1)) 

usb --init

it should produce (hd1) (or drive 0x81) and go on as before, it should do the same as before but with (hd1)

From my first post all this time I experience sudden lockups, freezes and reboots. Several times windows setup tell that "some xxxx line in txtsetup.sif is invalid", grub4dos dies after recognize usb etc. The same UFD with exactly the same files, sometimes boots to windows setup and others freeze etc on this old BIOS. When I remove some stuff using nlite it may go to the famous 7b error, but it never arrive to the screen which shows disk/partitions to choose for the installation to continue. It is not a hard disk controller driver issue either because the disk is IDE.

To investigate further after usb --init I chainload to DOS IO.SYS. This time grub4dos provides me with D drive which is the UFD. Nor the DOS setup (winnt.exe), neither a simple copy of the UFD I386 folder to the internal IDE disk came with success. DOS copy reboot after it copies some 200MB of files. With debug 3 in the winsetup.lst I had found that grub4dos throws some warnings on find and geometry commands "MBR cylinders(xxxxx) is not equal to the BIOS one(xxxx). MBR  total sectors(xxxxxxxxx) is greater that the BIOS one (xxxxxxxx). Some buggy BIOSes could hang when you access sectors exceeding the BIOS limit. Initial estimation blah-blah-blah, err=1  blah-blah" for the UFD, but it throws err=0 for the internal IDE. That same UFD throws err=0 on another newer PC at which both WinSetupFromUSB and the Rufus work fine to the end of the windows setup. Do you believe the "second thought" approach could work in my case?

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