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How to install Windows from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI

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3 hours ago, wincedd said:

I made a bootable win10 with winsetupfromusb but the computer doesn't recognize the USB at bootup

Very likely your computer is one of those that (for some strange reasons) has issues with MBR style devices if the firmware is set to UEFI only (maybe a DELL?) or that (again for strange reasons) doesn't "like" the grub4dos bootcode (Insyde BIOS?).

In any case for Windows 10 you would be probably better served by either Rufus:



WINNTSETUP (but if you choose this latter there is an initial learning curve to create the PE in which to run it):



If you want to solve the problem with winsetupfromusb, you may want to try (if you are using a UEFI firmware) to enable the CSM (Comparibility Support Module, in practice BIOS, if you have this option) and/or try to change boot order (nowadays on most computer there are two ways to boot from USB, onechanging the boot order in the firmware and one changing this setting on-the-fly at boot time prssing a hotkey - like F8 or F11/F12 and sometimes oine of the two methods works and the other one doesn't).


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Posted (edited)

Please, can anybody spend a bit of time to help me with the WinSetupFromUSB operation?

Apparently, it seems to be a very very nice combined utility.

I tried it several times to get a bootable flash drive with XP PE, but couldn't succeed, though.

Could anybody explain, at what stage and how should I get at least 2 or more files to boot a flash drive with WinXP on it?

Say, my BIOS waits for NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM and probably some others.

But I can't see WinSetupFromUSB provides them all, alas.

WinSetupFromUSB consists of 3 parts as seen from its interface.

Which one of them should provide the booting files and at which stage?

I also prepared my flash drive as indicated in advance: Formatting it FAT32 or NTFS, activating beforehand.

Although, I still cannot see NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM and probably some others.

Or should they be borrowed from anywhere else?

Please, help. THX.     


Edited by cuneiform

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WinsetupfromUSB is basically meant to setup winnt from USB, NOT boot an XP from USB  and though it can be used to install an XP on a USB it is a dual stage procedure, see FAQ #7, point #4 here:


You can however use it to boot a PE (either a PE 1.x, i.e. based on XP, like a BartPE, or a later version), compare with FAQ #1 here:


It is not clear what you mean by a "XP PE",  a PE 1.x would normally use SETUPLDR.BIN (and not NTLDR) :unsure:






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