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How to install Windows from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI


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Hi, thanks for your comment, that's always needed :)

Quote from WinSetupFromUSB README.TXT

“!!!If your source is NOT Windows XP2 SP2, some of the compressed files in ~LS folder will be deleted during the first part(Text mode). To make another install from this disk you have to copy the missing files, use the program for this purpose and follow the prompts when it finds existing setup folders.!!!”

Guys this is irresponsible. We are talking about a point and click program here. As a “power user” I can look after myself but what about the average user who will use this program? Those people will go ahead and complete their first successful install. Not realising their files were “spent” they may attempt to install again using the same USB. They happily format their drive knowing it “worked perfectly” last time, then they get the message “Can’t find install files on USB”!!! There is no apparent explanation for this error and the user has no idea what is going on unless they find the Readme (which was probably on the formatted drive).

Program detects if source is different from XP SP2 or SP3 and displays a message box ;)

Is that enough?


Need to correct in ReadMe.txt and include SP3, thanks.

I used the re-sync option. It recopied 6880 files out of original 7017.
It doesn't copy all of them, however it's checks if each file is present. The operation is similar to normal copy from explorer, with NO overwriting and should be faster than a full copy. Since you are the first one reporting an issue I assumed everything was normal at this front.
WinSetupfromUSB default location is c:\
Program contains number of tools and files, which should be easily accessible (log files, backups etc.) and I prefer not to bury it in C:\Program Files\WinSetupFromUSB or whatever. In other hand this type of install still requires some knowledge. I wish we could make it easy as for grandmothers, but for now this is what MS gave us as options.
Every time I prepare the USB (hitting GO), the program writes a small file called “Program” in C:\. In this file is some setup info and contains...

I haven't seen this since I am not using Program Files at all. I guess MkMigratInf.cmd doesn't like spaces in the path, will have a look.

It would be good if the program remembered the last directory where you keep your source files.
If there are other requests for that I can implement it. For now I'd rather concentrate on more important features.

During boot, the first menu screen only has one option listed “Windows XP/2000/2003 Setup – First and Second Parts. Do we really need an option screen that gives us only one option? I realise there might be some advanced features (press “e” or “b” etc) at this point but isn’t it aimed at the point and click user?

The reason behind this is described at the bottom of first page of this topic- it's to be able to perform unattended installations, where second part is auto selected if the first part was launched. Another reason is that main menu gets overloaded with entries if one adds number of Windows sources + GParted + Vista + something else.
After re-sync, on the second menu, option 2 was repeated “Second part of XP + Start windows for first time.”

Also after re-sync $OEM$\cmdlines.txt was not run.

I noticed that as well, it's already fixed in 0.2, which I am testing. For now everything is ready, but x64 installs are giving headaches. The major difference is that user has to boot from USB twice only. This eliminates all the cases when impatient or those not reading instructions and dialog boxes unplug their stick as soon as they see GUI mode is completed. Believe me, to test 0.2 alone I have made already more than umm... 50 or 70, I don't know how many installs. Jaclaz is also helping with the new binifix.cmd, which has an option NOT to add USB repair entry in boot.ini. Hope that answers your next question too.

The reason behind USB repair entry at first place, was to get as close as possible to normal setup- if you don't have this entry Repair install is NOT possible, and I'd rather have it there, instead of inability when Windows is screwed not to be able to repair it. However, this is what we concluded during the first programs (USB_prepare). Since feedback is VERY limited, but downloads in total could be well above 100 000, I wonder why people are not complaining.

Thanks again for your feedback :)

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USB installs are going to be mainstream. I hope you guys will be ready. :D

We were born ready. ;)

BUT, is "mainstream" ready? :unsure:

"Mainstream" should follow EXACTLY and ONLY mainstream MS original info such as:

  • IE cannot be removed from Win98/Me as it is part of the OS
  • IE cannot be removed from 2K/XP as it is part of the OS
  • no NT based system can boot from USB
  • you cannot partition a USB stick as it is a Removable drive (unless you have VISTA)
  • etc.
  • etc.


  • use something experimental, like versions 0.1, 0.2, etc. NOW, actually paying a minimum of attention to what they do and RTFM
  • wait for release 1.0 Final, or better yet, wait another couple of years for the enhanced 3.0, that will also, following the "mainstream" suggestions, "automagically" detect all files you aren't likely to use and remove them while showing an animated wizard and playing a nice tune....:w00t:

I appreciate your report and suggestions, as long as they are useful to better this thingy :), but completely refuse the idea that they are somewhat needed because "lazy mainstream" want to avoid their homework and safely get away with a couple clicks. :whistling:

Experimental things are, well, experimental. ;)

Why, in my day....:



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Thanks for the response to #133:

It's grub4dos issue, please get the latest possible from here and replace only grldr in USB disk root as you did before. Let me know if it worked and what version you tried. http://nufans.net/grub4dos/

First, here is BIOS and motherboard info:

AMIBIOS(C) 2003 
ASUS P4P800 ACPI BIOS Revision 1019
AMIBIOS Version 08.00.09, Build Date 10/14/04, ID P4P81104

Results (versions found by opening grldr files in text editor and looking for "0."):

If the latest doesn't work, I guess grub4dos developers will be interested in details about your motherboard/BIOS: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showforum=66

Agreed, seems to be GRUB4DOS issue - I shall post there now and refer to this post (Edit: tried to, and am getting: "Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum".. Duh ! :) )

Thanks again,

Cheers ! :whistle:

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Thanks for getting back. Have you tried 0.4.3-2008-05-14 ?

FYI USB_multiboot uses grub4dos as well, just an older version.

I decided to use newer versions as grub4dos is constantly developed and many bugs have been fixed since 0.4.3. Hopefully soon we will have a stable 0.4.4.

edit: other download links for older grub4dos versions:



Edited by ilko_t
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Thanks for getting back. Have you tried 0.4.3-2008-05-14 ?

FYI USB_multiboot uses grub4dos as well, just an older version.

Thanks for letting me know - re-searched that USB_multiboot grldr looking for "grub4dos", and it turns out it is GRUB4DOS 0.4.3 2008-05-07 - and edited previous post #140 :blushing:

Otherwise, I re-checked with grldr from http://nufans.net/grub4dos/grub4dos-0.4.3-2008-05-14.zip, and can confirm it works.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work :D Cheers ... :ph34r:


Where can I get Multi_Boot_10?

Here: Install XP from USB - Boot Land (USB_MultiBoot_10.zip)



Thanks - it seems it works for me too, I got it from http://nufans.net/grub4dos/grub4dos-0.4.4-2008-08-08.zip though..

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08-08-2008 was giving problems on other systems...

Please report to grub4dos developers, including what versions you used, your motherboard model and description of the error:


Thanks now got XP setup going, now how do I add Disk Drivers It can't see my SATA 120GB in my Compaq C350EU laptop
Look if you have in BIOS option to disable SATA/AHCI and run in native IDE.

Other way is to slipstream BTS mass storage driver pack in your XP source:




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Hi Ilko

Can you please confirm, according to your warning box (post 136) if I’m using XP SP3 I should NOT be experiencing the deleted files problem?

I also found this in the How-Tos.txt (v 0.1.1):

“NOTE: If you are installing windows different than XP SP2 or SP3, some of the compressed files in ~LS\I386 or AMD64 folder will be deleted during Text mode of setup.”

I am using 32bit XP Pro SP3 (inc MP11, IE7, all hotfixes up to 25/10/2008 plus 3 mass storage drivers) and my files are definitely being deleted. Is this something to do with hotfixes etc? Have I gone “beyond” SP3?

I also have some observations using the re-sync option. After first install, re-sync needed to replace roughly 40% of missing files (by number and by size). To do this it took 75% of time compared to completely fresh preparation. Probably my USB is slow and re-sync accesses the USB much more than a straight copy?


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QED- just tested to slipstream SP3 in SP2 source- no files were deleted, so it is well possible that update after SP3 causes USB write-protection to be ignored.

If that's the case, someone with the willingness to test may reveal what file(s) cause this behavior, by replacing usb drivers, setupdd.sy_, \system32\ntdll.dll in ~BT filder with those from SP3 archive. My first bet would be on usb drivers (usbstor.sy_ etc.) and setupdd.sy_.

As for the re-sync option- since we don't know which files were deleted, comparing the whole contents of I386 folders is needed, I can't think of faster and more reliable way to sync them, apart from writing a separate procedure, which first compares both folders and then copies only the difference. This will require some time to implement and test.

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Hi Ilko

I've found the problem with the deleted files! It has to do with when I installed WinSetupFromUSB in C:\Program Files. I guess that config file I mentioned which is created shortly after hitting GO is responsible. It gets created in the wrong place. Sorry I don't have a name for the file because it is given the name "Program " (with space at the end). This is the full contents of that file:

Signature = "$Windows NT$"


;Handy macro substitutions non-localizable
REG_SZ = 0x00000000
REG_BINARY = 0x00000001
REG_DWORD = 0x00010001
REG_MULTI_SZ = 0x00010000
REG_SZ_APPEND = 0x00010008
REG_EXPAND_SZ = 0x00020000

I also noticed when I installed WinSetupFromUSB in default location on C:\ the prepared USB has one extra file (don't know which one). I'm guessing it is because that config file transferred correctly to USB?

Hope this helps you track down the problem. I'm happy now that my USB isn't deleting itself anymore. Mainstream, here we come!!! :thumbup


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Nice catch :)

The file should be called migrate.inf and should go in ~BT folder. It does the write-protection during Text mode and sets letter U to the USB disk.

MkMigrateInf2.cmd is the script, which generates migrate.inf. Will have a look why spaces are problem, I guess it's called improperly from my program as spaces were not taken into account.

BTW it should be "\DosDevices\U:, did you post the orphan file?

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