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  1. The main disk space usage is due to 2 places which cache install information, these are: 1) MSOCache, which is almost a complete copy of the install files, which contains the data for parts of the suite you haven't installed too (in my case, Outlook is stored here, even though I don't have it installed) 2) Service pack MSP/MSI packages in the Installer folder (the Office 2007 SP2 MSP is 327mb! In total, mine come to 387mb For me, the usage in MSOCache for the standard edition of Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) is 300mb. Altogether, the cached files amount to approximately 700mb For office 2003, I read that you could remove the MSOCache folder, but you'll likely run into problems by removing the folder for 2007, as I did. If you did delete the source MSOCache folder & Installer files, I think you'd also have problems upgrading the suite to any later service pack, and the same might apply with hotfixes... FYI, it is worth looking at this post, which has a guide on administrative installs etc: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=493938
  2. Thank you! very cool tool...
  3. ResEdit 2.200010 message

    The download link seems to be broken
  4. Thanks very much for this excellent script
  5. Here is an exampe of what my config would look like: RunProgram="nowait:\"%%S\\AdobeCS4Installer.exe\"" RunProgram="\"%%S\\Installer1.exe\"" RunProgram="\"%%S\\Installer2.exe\"" RunProgram="\"%%S\\Installer3.exe\"" RunProgram="\"%%S\\Installer4.exe\"" RunProgram="\"%%S\\Installer5.exe\"" (%%S - full path to the SFX archive file) This method would mean you running this SFX with WPI, as all the others will be child processes. I am not sure if this is what you're looking for, maybe i'm misunderstanding.
  6. Hello and welcome . Have you used Oleg Scherbakov's modified 7z SFX module? (http://7zsfx.solta.ru/en/). With it, you could possibly run one install with the nowait: prefix to run multiple installers at the same time as the first. It wouldn't work if two MSI's were trying to install at the same time though... By the way, how is Adobe CS4 packaged? Could the install size be reduced, or could it be compressed with 7z/LZMA?
  7. I tested your theory by creating a 7z archive of the 9.0 MSI & Icons then one of the 9.1 MSI, and the file sizes are 606kb & 555kb respectively... so its smaller with the icons in the MSI (but i'm discounting any other changes in the MSI other than the icons). If you manage to lipo them out, let me know, but I won't bother trying - too much effort
  8. Where do you find the Acrobat.com buttons, is it in the main toolbar/menu drop downs?
  9. XhmikosR, you can further customize the MSI using Adobe's own 'Adobe Customization Wizard 9'. With the tool, you can remove all Acrobat.com integration. Good work on your release. Also, I noticed your SFX module is 400kb. If you use the original installers icon (i've attached it), it will be about 130kb. I also advise you add GUIFlags=8 to your config file, as it gives the extract dialog nice shell themes The increase in size is because the program icons have been put inside the MSI ar9installer.ico
  10. 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools

    I remember reading that this is a windows bug, common to all exe's over 700mb.
  11. 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools

    This has been very useful, thanks a lot. I've been using it to create driver packages