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Ok, recently i've decided to move to OpenSource software, but for some programs i dont know a alternative so here is what i have so far...

">" = i now use

"?????" = need an alternative

Internet Explorer > Firefox 3 Beta 5

Adobe Reader > Foxit Reader

Office > OpenOffice

Visual Studio 2008 > Sharp Develop 3.0

WinRAR > 7zip

Nero 8 > InfraRecorder

ConvertXtoDVD > ?????

iTunes > SharePod 3.8.0

Thats all i can think of for now, please name some good alternatives which are free and small but very effective i.e. Foxit. Thanks

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ConvertXtoDVD -> StaxRip. This is a great media converter and encoder. DVDFlick is good at DVD only but its capable.

iTunes -> J. River Media Jukebox (www.mediajukebox.com) is awesome and better at everything iTunes does! or for basic as SharePod use Floola which i found better.

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