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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Runs Slow


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Hi there.

I have GTA: VC for pc, i was reading on the case of the game and looked at the system requirements for the game, they were;

800 MHz Intel Pentium III

128 MB of RAM

And i dont really need to say all of the rest.

My pc is;

930 MHz Intel Pentium III

128 MB of RAM

They are the minimum system requirements.

But, still the game runs slowly, it constantly starts ad stops, and is painfully annoying!!

Does anyone have any suggestions???


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Recommended Spec fir GTA:VC is

P4 or Athlon XP CPU

256Mb Ram

64Mb video Card GF3/Radeon 8500

if you just meet the minimum sys reqs, then you can expect minimum performance. Olny thing i can suggest is update your video drivers to the highest you can and try disabling some of GTAs options ingame.

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Well the ram usage of XP has balooned a lot over the years, between service packs and IE7, etc. I'd say you need at least 256mb today, and 512 would be better.

Plus as somebody pointed out, you need the recommended settings for a game, the required settings just means it works, but not well. NEVER play a game if you only have the required setup, it's never good enough.

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How cna i update my RAM? what part of the pc is RAM stored on?


You can not update it, you can just upgrade it (to buy it). And RAM is stored on motherboard. Use google for pictures. And as you computer is old, you need to buy SDR SDRAM.

Cheers ;)

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Well, i had ano old xp that did not work, so i took the ram out of there, and stuck it in here, now i have 320mb of RAM its not a usual amount because i only have two RAM slots, so i put in a 256mb and then a 64mb, just to give it a little more power. Well, until i get a more powerfull one :P

Now, how do i update my processor? i have a Pentium III, 930 MHZ


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Hey mikey5194,

You could try running the game with the lowest possible resolution, 640x480 or 800x600.

Or disable antivirus, firewall etc before running the game.

Maybe increase pagefile size.

To be honest, ur system is below recommended. So a new pc would prob be best to run the game properly.

Upgrading old parts is usually not worth the hassle.

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