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I came up with this idea one night, (may be many of you did ,too).

I want us to share our experience with Vlited iso we modify as regards

1- Size of Iso (w/o apps, hotties,...)

2-Install size of the iso

3- simple score of 1 to 5 on stability & satisfaction




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1.Start size:Windows Vista RTM Build 6000=2.49GB

2.Install size:Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit vLited v.2.7(build No.27_14-01-2008)=2.40GB


Havent installed the latest one yet.Currently using build 24.As the size indicates small image was not the goal.Only removed Welcome Center,Security Center,Display and Audio drivers.I rather focused on better stability,compability and performance trough hotfixes and latest drivers :thumbup .I would have removed more but my removing options are limited due to the fact that i want to install Vista SP1 after Vista install and removing too many components means that SP1 install will fail.Eagerly waiting until SP1 goes RTM and i can finally integrate it with vLite or use Full Vista+SP1 integrated image.

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dcyphure, I presume you calculate your installed size with the pagefile and hibernate files included, that's not a proper way since they depend on settings in the System and your RAM amount.

They are hidden in the root of the partition on which you installed the OS.

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i will give my option on server 2008

1. windows server 2008 rc1 1.7GB [5.7gb hdd space ]

2. the lite ver take about 3giga hdd space and 700mb iso [if u use WAIK u could make it 2.7GB and if u use more 2.34GB]

3. stability: 5 satisfaction: 5 [ fixed that ]

i stop using vista cuz its loaded of stuff i wont use

mostly vista start with 800mb of ram used and server much lower around 400mb

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Windows Vista Home Basic 32-Bit With 90 HotFixes, vlited 166 components:

1. 515 MB :thumbup

2. 1.4 GB, including PageFile.

3. 4.5/5 (because I want to reduce more !!!!! I want to saves 333 MB with .NET stuff) :sneaky:

BTW, disabling unneeded services I reduce memory footprint to 170 MB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit (Vlite 1.1 final) tested in vmware

ISO: 526 Mb

Install size without swap file: 1.28 Gb

Install size with swap file: 2.21 Gb

Memory usage: 308 Mb of RAM out of 512 Mb

it worked well inside the virtual machine and since i have 1 Gb of RAM on the host i guess the little Vista would work well

So it's 5/5

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Vlite 1.1

Vista Business 32-bit ISO: 2.49GB

Vlited: 1.25GB

Install size is 4.2GB that includes the pagefile which is 1.29GB, so minus pagefile is 2.91GB.

I am satisfied, although I am not a fan of using nLite, Vista definitely needs to be trimmed since all that fat is running automatically, like Windows Defender which IMHO they should be brought upon by the EU to remove it themselves.

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Wow to the people who got their images to 500 mb approximately! That is quite amazing! There's hope for Vista yet :) It would be interesting to see once SP1 is out how it is going to work in terms of size. I am good as long as it all fits on a CD :)

Question to aviv00. Are you using the Windows Server 2008 pretty much as a workstation OS? Or are you leaving the server functionality stuff in tere like Active Directory etc etc?

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