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Windows Renovatio

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Good news!!! I've managed to patch shell32.dll to support 32 bit icons to some icons that imageres could not do it.

Not good. Modifying shell32.dll leads to crashes with RP7 (and maybe without RP7 too) very often (Lupus suffers from this crash, for example). That's why imageres.dll was born.

Trust me, it works just fine! I have to test it a lttle bit more....but until now i didn't encounter any prblem with RP7... :thumbup

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OMG :blink:

I've never seen so much reshack in my life.

But remember that quality and quantity are different things. :rolleyes:

I know the difference between quantity and quality, and i trully respect your opinion. I'm proud of my work, I thing it's great, and of course it's not finished, I must do some work to it.

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Hy! I've started the project from scratch, i have a new ideea, a cleaner look. I will give more time to the graphics and to the icons.


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I like that you're using Lupus Classic Theme... The bitmap is very nice... but i dislike the 3rd party icons...

Even so, it looks very nice, if you are consistent with the icon pack.

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