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  1. LOL! Not a screenshot of the pack.. A screenshot of the themes..
  2. Argh.. Why the f*** is there no icon patches for 9x? Everyone would be happy
  3. It is a bitmap, you should save the bitmap to it's exact color depth and you should be sure that the background color is ok. But I had the same problem with the Skins groupbox files and I never knew whats going on.
  4. Your taskbar really looks like the taskbar I made one year ago but with more brightness.
  5. You want more? Wait its alpha! And when you say : BETTER DIALOG ICONS, BETTER START MENU ICONS, BETTER SYSTEM FILES ICONS, BETTEr SHUT DOWN ICONS !! ... Say better for you.
  6. I'm finally done with that hard task, yes Blacksnow is released! Preview.. <--- Download : Blacksnow_skin.rar
  7. This my next project, everything is made with Photoshop 7.0 and Mspaint. Only the taskbar is made for the moment. IMAGE LINK
  8. Thank you very much :) Here is my taskbar edit, sorry I changed the style but there is a weird problem. The center of the taskbar is streching 2 pixels and if I strech it by myself It really bugs. There is only one thing I don't know, the taskbar buttons ar not tilting in orange when an application is telling me something (like Msn Messenger when you have a new message). TenetXP_Taskbar.rar
  9. For the skinners : I want to say that you should pay attention about "bugs" into the skins, I see a lot of things that it should be corrected. I see also a lot of dirty bitmaps. Ok, doing a skin is something long but if you concentrate on only one skin and you do it really clean it would be better. Thank you Xstyle : I really like TexnetXp, but there is annoying things, i'm editing it for my personnal use but I would like to know if I can post my corrections here?
  10. This is great theme but your bitmaps need mor quality, it sounds like they were jpg files before. I like TexnetXp.
  11. I really want to buy a 30 Go Microsoft Zune Mp4 player but it says that I should have Windows XP to make the Zune Software working, and i'm sure that there is no drivers working on 9x yet (is Maximus Usb Drivers are working for it?) I only want to know if there is another kind of Zune Software and drivers ready for Windows 98 SE. Thanks.
  12. I'm doing a second reply because my edit button is not appearing and I don't really know why. Normally Windows Update blocks users that hey don't have Internet Explorer 6 or higher to give you their updates (so when you install Windows 98 you should go on Microsoft's Website and download it.) But with this update the restriction is disabled, i'm on IE 5 and I can run it. I think that a correction should be done. Sorry for bad english i'm not warmed up :S
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