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No Audio after intergrating SP3


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KB888111 is now part of SP3 RTM. Do not integrate it for SP3.

If your audio does not work in vanilla WinXP SP3 there is something else wrong

That's what I hope for earlier about SP3 RTM, but I have this problem with RC and RTM.

I slipstream my Windows XP SP2 with SP3. I was able to install my audio driver only if i did what i mention on my earlier post. Other people with reference to this problem have an exclamation mark on a device called 'PCI Bridge' in device manager, sure enough; I had it too, which they say it's actually my Audio device that SP3 for some reason don't detect what it really is or something.

Following the guide they provide, I install new driver for PCI Bridge using the driver file found in KB888111, which I got from the latest audio driver from my motherboard's site.

After that it audio works. So i'm not sure what went wrong, maybe the slipstream process did something..

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ummm... how do you extract an .exe file?

i need to get my audio workin :-(

I believe in this case, you can open that EXE file with WinRAR or perhaps Winzip.

Good luck!

Some "exe" files cannot be opened with winrar or 7zip, so just click on the setup.exe, this will extract its files to "Temp" folder, then go to that "Temp" folder, and grab the drivers from that setup.exe pack.

Sometimes "exe" files extracts as "binary" file, so in that case, install the setup.exe and use some sort of driver grabber to grab these driver files.

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