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  1. Didn't work when I try it with Virtualbox, error at 2nd reboot. When using 7Customizer, everythin' seems to went well with no significant error, but I did notice somethin' odd, maybe it's a problem.. When it started to create the ISO it says: "0% complete Could not find boot.wi in sources." "Could not find sources\boot.wi. Skipping it." Is that a type which is suppose to be boot.wim? Thanks
  2. Yes I also thought of tryin your suggestion out since sysprep didn't work for me currently, BUT when I first used this tutorial, it worked before hmm i can't put a finger on what happen now, after starting fresh. sysprep will load, finish or not, it will shutdown instead of restarting like it use to, i even used the autounattended.xml that worked before, its mind boggling, hope anyone can shed some light to this mysterious problem. Anyway I dump all that and add my programs in past 7 (FirstLogon) instead of the usual place at past 6 when sysprep was used, and it doesn't seem to work. I also remember using FirstLogon when sysprep was working, that time FirstLogon worked fine too. hmmmmmm i'm lost...
  3. I believe in this case, you can open that EXE file with WinRAR or perhaps Winzip. Good luck!
  4. Any way to slipstream SP1 to Vista Ultimate x64 on my current OS (Vista Ultimate x86)? I notice that i can't do that, message was i only can do that on a 64 bit OS
  5. Hi all, After reading much guide to installin' apps on Vista, usually there' WPI and the FirstLogonCommand method, which i really have no idea how to use. I've used the RunOnceEx on Windows XP and try to implement that to Windows Vista, so far i tried it on VirtualBox, and it works, quiet the same as it does on Windows XP. All i did was using the RunOnceEx i used for Windows XP, rename it to SetupComplete.cmd and put it in "Windows Vista\sources\$OEM$\$$\setup\scripts". It works for me, i guess this is the most simpler way heh. Cheers
  6. That's what I hope for earlier about SP3 RTM, but I have this problem with RC and RTM. I slipstream my Windows XP SP2 with SP3. I was able to install my audio driver only if i did what i mention on my earlier post. Other people with reference to this problem have an exclamation mark on a device called 'PCI Bridge' in device manager, sure enough; I had it too, which they say it's actually my Audio device that SP3 for some reason don't detect what it really is or something. Following the guide they provide, I install new driver for PCI Bridge using the driver file found in KB888111, which I got from the latest audio driver from my motherboard's site. After that it audio works. So i'm not sure what went wrong, maybe the slipstream process did something..
  7. Hi all, Yes i have had this problem from 2 different computers, 1 was using the RC version of SP3, i thought it's just because it was not final yet that's why i face that problem. After SP3 releases, i tried it on a 2nd computer, same thing, can't detect audio drive, therefore can't install audio driver, using my integrated audio drivers and the latest audio driver for my MOBO, it says the drivers it's not for my hardware. In the end i found out it's true, that you can extract a folder called 'commonfiles' from KB888111.exe. Then in the device manager area, there's one hardware that it's yellow 'PCI Bridge' i think. You update that with the driver in 'commonfiles, it will install HDaudio and sound will work, after that you can install your original audio driver if you want. I figured that to integrate this KB888111 driver, either integrate it when i'm workin on WINXP SP2, or integrating the driver found in 'commonfiles' folder when workin' on WINXP SP3. So now for the nLite section. booooggy mention that i can integrate this drivers using nLite in the Driver section. My first try was that method. Integrating the the INF found in 'commonfiles' folder on WINXP SP3, so i use nLite and at the Driver section, i add a single driver which is hdaudio.inf, there's another called hdaudbus.inf, i don't really know which one to add, but it stated that i only need to add 1 and everythin in that folder will be integrated. I use virtualbox to try it out. But i'm not sure if it works or not. Maybe audio doesn't work in VirtualBox therefore the driver integration fail? Because i can't find those driver files in system32\drivers, files like hdaudbus.sys and HdAudio.sys which can be found on the computer i'm using now. If you guys think using VirtualBox will have there problems i don't mind tryin the real installation on a real computer, but can anyone comfirm this? So anyway, I went in my WINXP SP3, in the i386 folder, the file DOSNET.INF, i found out that the driver was integrated (looks successful to me) eg. d11,hdaprop.dll d11,hdashcut.exe d11,hdaudbus.inf d11,hdaudbus.sys d11,hdaudio.inf d11,hdaudio.sys d11,hdaudres.dll And also in folder 'i386\NLDRV\001' i found files like: HDAUDBUS.SY_ HDAUDIO.SY_ etc. So it should work right? Anyway i will try the method where i intergate KB888111 on SP2 then only slipstream SP3 to it, see if that works. Thanks. Any help will be greatly appreciated.!
  8. Hi nuhi, Hmm yea that's right, base on the guide, C should be XP and D is Vista, and yes i capture D:vista from C:XP, that's what i did and still didn't work. But i did it virtually on 1 HDD with 2 partition, sounds like you did it with 2 HDD, maybe i should try that. But anyway i think that's probably somethin wrong with my image.wim, since the vista that i've installed then after installing SP1, have problems, it just can't get in vista, so before capturing D:vista, there's already problem with my Vista SP1. Well back to the drawing board.
  9. Hmm, I was doin the Vista SP1 reverse integration, and was required to use WAIK to compress and created image.wim. The link given was: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en I've downloaded it and use it on my Windows XP SP2, it does work, i've used it and there's somethin else wrong with the install.wim is compressed, so i went to the link above and read more about it, at the system requirement area and it stated Windows XP Service Pack 2 with KB926044, so i though maybe i need KB926044 for it to work properly. Searching for KB926044, i found another link to WAIK which is: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.as...isplayLang%3den So i'm confuse on what's the difference between those 2? Which to use on Windows XP SP2 to compress Windows Vista? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Yea i have this exact problem too (code 2147023504), but i've used vLite before and it works fine so far, this error only appear when i replace the install.wim that i've created using the Vista SP1 Reverse Integration Guide (http://www.winbeta.org/comments.php?catid=1&id=9536). I did exactly what the guide said only i did it using Virtualbox. vLite works fine using the original install.wim, but once i used the one i've created, that error appear, obviously there's something wrong with my install.wim perhaps. But the guide also mention that i can use vlite to remove unwanted features from Vista SP1, so...it should work right? Hmm maybe i will try it again with only Vista Ultimate ISO which i've seperated using vlite. Any clue what's happening? Thanks.
  11. I guess i have the same problem a few times before, in the end i found out that it was a update for IE7 that causes it (KB939653) which is the latest. I'm using nlite and i've added IE7 and others as hotfix and my RunOnceEx works fine, so far i've just tried Windows Life Messenger, since i didn't add KB939653 in hotfix, i also include this update in RunOnceEx, tried on VMware and it works, but sometimes it doesn't in real exercise, KB939653 just didn't install but anyway it's just a small set back. When installin windows xp for the first time, during first logon, RunOnceEx will be activated, just before entering desktop, after it's done it will enter desktop and another set of settings will be started; IE7, WMP11, Themes etc. I guess that's the normal way it works. But my question is if there's any other way i can run this RunOnceEx AFTER it goes in desktop and upadtes all IE7, WMP11, Themes etc.? I think that RunOnceEx will only run during first logon, so i believe i can't do what i wanna do. I plan to use rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess command line after windows and all hotfixes are installed, that means i must not use the normal way of applying RunOnceEx.cmd at T-13 during installation. So i tried other ways, still i don't know how to apply RunOnceEx.cmd after windows install itself and also activate it. Another question is, sometimes when RunOnceEx doesn't work as planned, I will test it with rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess after applyin RunOnceEx.cmd, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, i'm not sure why and i'm dying to know. On a different windows installing by the way. some installtion i made will allow me to use this command, some will not run, so i guess there's somethin botherin it, don't know yet. What happen when it's workin: after a successful windows and RunOnceEx install, i uninstall the applications that RunOnceEx installed, eg. windows live messenger and hotfix KB939653, i run RunOnceEx.cmd again and check using regedit, I can see that in RunOnceEx folder, the first line is TITLE "Installing applications", then there's 3 folders eg. 005, 010, 015 (005=messenger, 010=KB939653 & 015=cleanup.cmd), inside were the commands and applications to execute, finally, i went in CMD, use rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess, and the application runs. works fine. However sometimes it doesn't work this way, after doin the same thing and checkin it in regedit, i run rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess, nothing happens, i recheck in regedit, the TITLE line is gone, but the 005-015 folder and command remains. SO i don't know why is that happening, I've read some of this problem on other post, they say it's cause of IE7 (iernonce.dll), well it works fine for me before, with IE7 installed unattendedly. To *ahem* summaries this long and maybe confusing question: 1. Why does rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess works sometimes and doesn't sometimes? 2. How can I apply RunOnceEx.cmd and run it using rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess AFTER windows finish with it's installation and updates? Hope someone can help a noob out.. Thanks!
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