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SD-to-USB cable


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I'd like to buy a cable that converts from SD to USB but can't find one online. Does such a thing exist? In its conceptually simplest form, I just want a data cable that has SD on one end and USB (any USB variant) on the other end.

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Neither of those is what I was trying to ask for...sorry if my question was confusing.

Both of those are storage devices that can plug into different ports. I'm looking for a cable/converter that can plug into SD on one end and USB on the other...effectively converting both ports to the other type of port. No data storage involved here. Just the ability to transfer data between the ports.

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Maybe this can help?

I was looking up for CF cards though.


This compact flash adapter allows you to add a USB 1.1 port to connect to various USB devices.

You can use this to connect to various other accessories including bar code scanners, magnetic stripe card readers, keypads or other USB HID devices. It works off of USB bus power to keep power consumption on your PDA as minimal as possible.

The USB port is female so that it can best interface with your input devices. You could connect a USB mass storage device such as a flash drive or a portable hard drive to back up your PDA information. You also get support for digital cameras to share pictures directly from your camera to your PDA.

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Maybe these help:



I know it is not what you were asking for, but there are some details and links to the actual signals that are on a SD connector and a handy way to make a connector, moreover it mentions the "magic" word, "SPI", i.e. Serial Peripheral Interface.


Now a search on Google for "USB to SPI" adding as further search term either "interface" or "converter cable" should get you to a number of interesting results.

This appears to be the right spot to begin with:





It should be fairly easy to build one of the various converters, problem might be the actual driver for this device....:unsure:

It seems like there are no pre-made solutions, unless maybe some manufacturer uses these buses for their products, but then again probably there won't be a "universal" driver.


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