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Nuhi is VERY patient


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I can feel that there is not much enthusiast since Nuhi's Vlite


I am really wondering if its of any valuable purpose to shrink

such thing as vista. Lets face it, this os suck real bad and i mean real real bad.

If i am am allowed to make a suggestion; why not tweak vista to make it ressemble

windows xp and work like windows xp ?

Again i think Nuhi is a real patient man not desserving such an ordeal like vista :whistle::rolleyes:

(no offense Nuhi)

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Hmm, vista sucks for you? Ok, I accept that.

But for me, it is much better, faster and more comfortable than XP ever was. Ok, your machine should be dualcore with 2GB Ram or more, but if I want the fastest OS, I install DOS or Win 3.11? :P

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When i was on XP i didnt even wanna upgrade to Vista at all!, I would NEVER install an OS without using either vlite or nlite. Recently i have done a permanent upgrade to Vista Ultimate x64 and i think its great (sucks without vlite, cheers Nuhi) its much more responsive and ive shockingly found less errors than in XP (that's probably because i integrate like 100+ updates) but most importantly it feels and looks alot more graphical.

ALOT of people like vista and would never go back to XP, im one of them. nLite & vLite are great apps! :D

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I see Vista as an XP SP3, no offense to the MS developers, it's impossible for us to see what's under the hood.

It is bloated, no question about it. Why can I wait until it's all gone...because our machines today are faster.

Why don't I just use XP...because for the same reason why I install SP2 on it, because I want it new and updated as possible. Vista has it all in it, compared to any XP.

Is Vista better than XP? There is no answer to that, it depends on your usage. But I am offended that they locked DX10 for Vista only, that was a cheap shot regardless of the display driver facts.

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I understand this thread is off the track of the current purpose of this forum

which i read quite often. :}

Yes i guess we all have faster machines than 3 years ago

i use a dual core system with 2 gig of ram as prolly most of you.

I made several shrinks and tweaked vista when i originally bought my dvd

and tried it alot without registering thanks to the 30 days free pass. And yes it was much better with Vlite than without

But i really cant understand why vista take so long to install a driver for example

or why my audigy 2 have half the volume output or why it take so long to boot and to shut down

and why it use twice as much thread with some of my games .

I also dont really understand the whole pc market which seem to be very happy to sell new hardware for a sluggish bloated

os but hesitate to make proper drivers.(reminds me win xp at the beginning but in much worse)

Why is that media player 11 so hermetic ? Why i have such troubles owning my own pc as an admin whith all rights

etc.. etc.. all this plus the fact i find very few clues on the internet to "really" modify its behaviour.

4 years to develop such an os ?

I tried hard to like it but i finally bought another hard drive and installed my Nlite well tweaked and trusted XP Home backup image back.

The very experienced tech at my local pc store hate it even more than I :o

Last thing, Thanks a lot Nuhi to make some of us try to understand our operating system, in itself this is great and admirable

but tell me please, when will we be able to modify the services with Vlite ? :blushing:

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yoke9, of course you are right but also it will be polished as the time passes. Vista came out too early because it was delayed for too long. Weird sentence ;)

Services config, sure, it was already done then I hide it because something wasn't right, can't remember now what but eventually it will be finished.

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well with the recent upgrade-releases of gnucash the last reason I had for running a MSFT OS for anything other than games went bye-bye.

All that's left to do is to do some serious stress tests on gnucash (like red-switch the VM and then the hosting hardware to check how data files are recovered).

After that, time to convert my VM Linux systems to 'real' disk and then convert my MSFT images to VMs that run under Linux. Maybe keep a dual-boot machine around for those times when I really need native hardware speeds. But even that won't be forever. VMWare is 'promising' DX9+ support in an upcoming release.

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