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  1. sorry for the delay i was away for several days. Cluberti there is nothing wrong only it makes a BSOD on all versions except version 1.1.6 on my particular pc config. Thanks again Losnad . All my researches led me to the newer versions from this site,ver 1.2 final. As i can see i did not search enough altough i could never have found it on online down since it is a warez site and they are all blocked here
  2. oups i received ver 1.1 this is fine but version 1.1.6 would be greatly appreciated
  3. thaks to a nice guy from autopatcher forum i have what a needed thanks done
  4. Hi is there a place where i could find version 1.1.6 or earlier versions i had them all but my drive died you can pm me or send files either zipped or rarred this would be greatly appreciated louissize@hotmail.com
  5. yes last session (the bigger one) is the right ini file needed to get some kind of help
  6. MPalmz i looked at your ini file and tou did removed TV Tuner support** Windows Image Acquisition ***** this is a no no
  7. well i do think it is dead. Original goal of vlite is to reduce and speed up Vista but in my humble opinion and by reading all posts since long time it seem that it is not really working as well as it worked for XP. The winsxs folder keep installs big and many many compatibility problems sprout from everywhere as time go by. I remember an insolent member who started a topic about fitting vista on a floppy . This made me laugh a lot but i do think he was not far from the truth. my two cents
  8. Hannubys as i wrote it will increase speed and responsiveness and memory usage should be smaller if the services you remove are automatically loaded at startup however the services you can remove are not large in size so it wont make a huge difference on the final iso.
  9. my two cents removing " unnecessary" services will speed up things somewhat . Windows search is a well known cycle gobbler but in my opinion better leave them and disable after install instead . Many services dependencies are not well known if you read the different threads on this forum.
  10. yoke9

    Waste of time

    Actually very little Legoliam and you are right.But i think we can all see that despite all trimmings and culling and the many issues engendered by theese, this os go nowhere except it will be the only alternative for directx 10 stuff which is a sad fact unless m$ decide to make a fix to use directx 10 on 2k-xp but i cant see how this could remotely interest the developper. This is off topic regading Vlite and should be posted somewhere else lol
  11. yoke9

    Waste of time

    I am using win 2000, xp and vista and it is like having three girl friends ;a nice thin one , a medium one and a big fat one. No matter how much sincere acceptance efforts, vista is a big big waste of time. This os have no future. the developpers should have worked in the opposite way, make a thin and fonctionnal basic os in which during the install you have the options of adding fonctionalities. I recently made a fresh install of vista service pack 1 and i was amazed at the fact that sp1 does not carry any drivers working whit my almost one year,s old pc actually i am wondering if there is any new drivers in it. This os is worth no amount of efforts to make it likeable except maybe for someone seeking a job at m$. Sorry to say this but its a humongus pile of bad codes end of discussion thanks anyway Nuhi for your patience and hard working
  12. yoke9

    Working ini

    Hi Can someone post an example of "working" vista sp1 lite ini please as i had some difficulty making a good one. I am using latest version vlite 1.1.1 and a beta service pack 1 that i sucessfully rebuilt to an iso file. thanks
  13. nuja maybe it could be vista having some problem installing or loading a peripheral driver. If so then disable or remove everything not necessary before installing.(discrete sound cards, network cards, usb drives etc...) Also i had some problems once with some rewritable dvd , it seam to be like in an endless loop. I had to burn the iso on a regular dvd-rthen it worked fine. It may help hopefully
  14. yoke9

    Nuhi is VERY patient

    By the way i am a french canadian so my english may appear Vista like at times
  15. yoke9

    Nuhi is VERY patient

    I understand this thread is off the track of the current purpose of this forum which i read quite often. Yes i guess we all have faster machines than 3 years ago i use a dual core system with 2 gig of ram as prolly most of you. I made several shrinks and tweaked vista when i originally bought my dvd and tried it alot without registering thanks to the 30 days free pass. And yes it was much better with Vlite than without But i really cant understand why vista take so long to install a driver for example or why my audigy 2 have half the volume output or why it take so long to boot and to shut down and why it use twice as much thread with some of my games . I also dont really understand the whole pc market which seem to be very happy to sell new hardware for a sluggish bloated os but hesitate to make proper drivers.(reminds me win xp at the beginning but in much worse) Why is that media player 11 so hermetic ? Why i have such troubles owning my own pc as an admin whith all rights etc.. etc.. all this plus the fact i find very few clues on the internet to "really" modify its behaviour. 4 years to develop such an os ? I tried hard to like it but i finally bought another hard drive and installed my Nlite well tweaked and trusted XP Home backup image back. The very experienced tech at my local pc store hate it even more than I Last thing, Thanks a lot Nuhi to make some of us try to understand our operating system, in itself this is great and admirable but tell me please, when will we be able to modify the services with Vlite ?
  16. I can feel that there is not much enthusiast since Nuhi's Vlite began. I am really wondering if its of any valuable purpose to shrink such thing as vista. Lets face it, this os suck real bad and i mean real real bad. If i am am allowed to make a suggestion; why not tweak vista to make it ressemble windows xp and work like windows xp ? Again i think Nuhi is a real patient man not desserving such an ordeal like vista (no offense Nuhi)
  17. well this does not seem to interest many but i did a full install of vista home premium with the appropriate drivers and when exporting the registry i ended up with a 96.6 meg file. Then i made a lite cd removing many large modules (language, natural voices, lot of drivers,,,) and with the same machine and same drivers i ended up with a 86.4 meg registry file. I also searched for relevants reg entries of removed stuff (ex : canon drivers) and found some entries so it seem to shrink the hive but leaves some entries.
  18. This is quite newbie as a question but i wonder if after removal of differents modules in windows vista the correspondants registry entries of the removed modules are still present ? I did some nliting with my xp cd and it worked great (thanks Nuhi)but before doing with my new vista i am curious to know

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