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Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0


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@Acheron, thank you!

What version of VCRedist was merged? 2005 or 2005 SP1?

I read on some russian forums about previous version of Lite that sometimes peoples plays with reinstalling of NET 2.0, fixing of VCRedist or something around gdiplus for Lite installation problems resolving.

And on 1 comp of 3 I had same troubles too. Only after reinstalling of VC 2005 SP1 and + (!) fixing it (by right mouse button -> fix) Nero Lite becomes workable on this one machine. I don't know why.

PS In next message prezioso00 have same error for Vista.

@prezioso00, What files failed to register?

NeroFileDialog.dll, CoverEdCtrl.ocx and NeroDigitalExt.dll?

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i've been asking this but no one has answered me: Which COMPONENTS switches are available for this new version?

i just want to avoid Wave Editor and the Toolkit but the old components didn't work. It installs the components except Cover Designer.

my command line: /verysilent /COMPONENTS="Nero_Core,Nero_Core\Nero_MauSau,Nero_Core\Nero_VideoCD,Nero_CoverDesigner"


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hello !!

Who can help me ?

I can't install nero on my vista ultimate :(

I have this error message at the end of the instal

"Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x03"

So is this Vista problem ubiquitous or rare? Is there a solution for it yet or an indication of which DLLs aren't registering and why? Are you running the installer with "Run as administrator" if using UAC?

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