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  1. I've integrated WMP 11 with all hotfixes on first page and I get the following error: "Error creating proccess: <C:\Programas\Windows Media Player\WMPEnc.exe /RegServer>. Reason: system could not find specified file" (this is translated by me) I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3
  2. I've tried to install the latest build but it nevers finishes installation. It installs all modules, and it's stays idle for ever
  3. Can't you add option to install Toolkit components one by one? I don't want BurnRights, but I want InfoTool.
  4. Hello. I'm Windows XP SP2 Portuguese with NET Framework 3.0 installed. Microsoft released NET Framework 3.0 SP1 and NET Framework 3.5. Now I'm confused Can I use only NET Framework 3.5 and it will run software which requires older 2.x/3.x NET Framework ? And also is NET Framework language dependent? Because my Windows is Portuguese and there's no NET Framework 3.0 SP1/3.5 in Portuguese (only English).
  5. Acheron: Any news about the Lite/Micro?
  6. Why don't you host it somewhere else, like some Rapidshare account ou something like that?
  7. Nero's 8 DVD decoder is very buggy. I was trying to watch a movie, and there was a black box in the middle of the screen. I had to unregister NeVideo.ax and use MPC's internal DVD filter.
  8. Thank you Acheron. Seems to work just fine (at least Lite build). Did you used version
  9. I'm sorry, I'm a little outdated about Inno. Some time ago it wouldn't support solid mode for LZMA. But still, NSIS generates lesser overhead than Inno (in my tests), but that's just a mater of kilobytes, no great drama.
  10. Yes, NSIS is more complicated than Inno, but it supports solid mode for LZMA, and AFAIK Inno doesn't.
  11. Also if Acheron use NSIS instead of Inno it would generate smaller installer. NSI has a smaller overhead and the LZMA solid compression its better.
  12. The disk space is not the only issue here. Nero installs lots of driver filters and other bloatware, and the user can't even select or unselect which of them he wants to install.
  13. Now that Nero 8 is officialy released, will you create a SDK for this version Acheron?
  14. Nero is now spread around the web. Almost 1GB... are they gone crazy?
  15. Sorry, but I made a mistake. Somehow I've downloaded a different Nero Lite install This one is ok
  16. I've checked the list of available audio filters included in Nero Lite, and the Nero Digital which supports AAC(+) is not included. Could you please include it in the next release? Thank you.
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