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My experience installing Windows 98SE


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4 hours ago, LoneCrusader said:

Can you please elaborate further on this?

Of course.

Here is original post.

The translation:

(string value)
If this is "1" then disable any PnP (ACPI BIOS and PnP BIOS). If this is "0" (or absent) then will work well known ACPIOption.
So use the next table to switch:
"IgnorePnPBIOS"="1" - PnP disabled
"IgnorePnPBIOS"="0" and  "ACPIOption"=dword:00000002 - use PnP BIOS
"IgnorePnPBIOS"="0" and  "ACPIOption"=dword:00000001 - use ACPI BIOS
Of course, don't forget to full redetect your hardware in control panel after any changes.

P.S. This registry key is exactly what "setup /p i" does. And it is actual for Win95 also.

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