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Thanks for the list something i need as i have an Asus P5K Deluxe P35 chipset board and Acronis Trumeimage 10 doesn't work with ICH9R controller. Asked Acronis and they said I'd have to wait until Trueimage 11 is released for P35 chipset support!

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A very small DOS one:


TOdisk is a command line utility which perform TRUE sector clone, so it can handle different file system such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 ... etc.

TOdisk embedded the mature and famous ZLIB compression library, user can adjust compression size and speed according to their needs.

The command line parameters can be simple (simply clone the whole hard disk), but also can be very powerful, for example, it can do batch jobs, just clone a certain number of sectors, multiple image with password ... etc.

Still ALPHA, but after all, that's was testing is about ;)

I guess that it could be very useful for a USB device (or even floppy)



Diskman 4 is the most powerful, stable and refined release yet available:

Full script language and support for batch file operation to simplify system roll out tasks

Clearer command structure Many new commands

Backup and restore VFAT (Windows 9x/NT/2000) Long File Names (LFN)

Archive compatible with DOSLFNBK, the leading LFN backup utility

Delete, create and manipulate disk partitions

Quickly format FAT volumes as FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32

Support for hard disks/partitions up to 2TB

Support for disk image files up to 2GB (4GB coming soon)

Support for spanned image files up to 2TB

Securely erase either volumes or entire drives

Mount and manipulate disk images (such as those created for Rawrite)

Export volumes or entire physical drives for later restore.

Quickly copy every file into image files for easy backup and later restore.

Browse FAT volumes quickly and easily

Directly edit disks at the sector level

Support for all BIOS supported disks, DOS supported drives and Image files

Help repair disks after a virus attack or rescue critical data

Backup and restore CMOS memory images, including latest 256 byte chipsets.

Embryonic support for NTFS

Free for noncommercial use.

Format32 is the first Diskman derivative to support MS-Windows NT/2000/XP:

>Native Windows support (Diskman4 supports Windows with DMHOST.DLL)

>Ultrafast formatting of FAT volumes

Exceeds the 32GB limit imposed by Microsoft on FAT32 volumes

is a great app, but until version 5 comes out, NTFS is not or poorly supported....:(


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@beldd - Yes that is true but the ones in the disk cloning category only do cloning, and for my initial specs did not qualify, but since they were brought up I added them to the list. While it is not likely a complete list it is the longest list of this type of software I know of. And more than I could find using your typical search engine.

When the comparison is done the imaging software that does cloning will be noted in the final report. Hoping to compare 3-4 a day should be done sometime next week.

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Here is the list of items I will be using to compare products, any others I missing?

Support for dynamic disks, if you have not yet started the project?

And maybe platforms, for those that have both windows and linux versions.

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PING 2.01 by Natan from this board is missing in the list. Something to compare is what extra functionality a product offers, such as resetting forgotten passwords. Another thing to compare is the speed of making an image, the size of the image, et cetera. Also the size of the software itself, if an installation is required, et cetera. Once making a comparisson, divide the list in paid software and freeware. Both catagories need to be compared together as well of course, but this will give a good overview in the end of the better paid software and a separate overview of the better freeware available.

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LOL time ... wish I could buy some :P

My computer just crash and I had to reinstall EVERYTHING. and I was just looking for a software that would be able to save me some time .... the next time it hapens.

Looking forward for you conclusion on thoses software.

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