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  1. hello! I made an nLite WinXP 64bit installation and it seems that I accidentally removed a keyboard layout I want to use is there a way to restore it, without having to reinstall WinXP? thanks!
  2. hello!! which are the best pre-install and post-install Windows 7 customization tools? thanks!
  3. okay, fwimc, i have winxp64 and i downloaded this http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=21975 and it fixed it
  4. hello i want to install win7 from usb and i tried to install Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe however it said I need 'Image Mastering API v2' and it didnt install then i downloaded to install the WindowsXP-KB932716-v2-x86-ENU.exe (supposedly 'Image Mastering API v2') however, it said 'the updatebr.inf is invalid' and it didnt install how do I fix this? thanks!
  5. hello win 64 needs to install programs in seperate folder, depending on wether they are 32bit or 64bit programs (which is dumb if you ask me) anyways, what about portable programs that are not inside any of those default "program files" folders? is there any problem with them, if they are 32bit or 64bit? thanks
  6. hello! how can I set files that are created/modified last to appear at the top, in a specific folder, in "open/save as" window? thanks!
  7. hello I am thinking of moving to SSD given the very praising opinions I read about their performance however I am concerned about issues like data loss (I think in their early development, SDD had too limited read/write circle etc) so the question is simple: do my data risk more in SSD than in HDD? thanks
  8. no reply at all? I am the only one that find such ability extremely handy?
  9. hello this is not exactly about unattended Windows installation, but rather about unattended Windows configuration so I am looking for a way to automatically configure a Windows installation with one click this click should perform all the prefered configurations in every Windows installation I run it configurations should include every possible one, like "move cursor to the default button", "move deleted file to recycly bin without confirmation", "specify recycle bin size as maximum possible", "view all folder content as list", and so on is there any solution for this? it will save much time and will offer great convenience thanks
  10. hello I return to some many innovative and marvelous websites that have been very useful to me and I see that annoying webpage informing me that the website has been acquired by Google. what is happening with Google? they acquire small innovative websites and they close them down or "improve them" by making them worse someome must stop this
  11. hello why WinXP x64 Pro SP2 hangs up so often for few seconds? it resumes, it doesn't crash, but it is very annoying! my system is descent, with AMD 1090T, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, and running many 32bit programs not in the "program files (x86)" folder, but in their portable directories any idea? thanks
  12. so you imply that it is already installed? because in the past, I tried to enable AHCI and I couldn't boot
  13. how do I find if the drivers are there and if settings are needed?
  14. I wanted to ask, is it necessary to install any drivers, or since both my motherboard and hard disk, support AHCI, I just enable it in the BIOS? thanks
  15. where can I find it? I tried to use a driver of a similar model with no luck I wonder if there is a tool that will help with such situation
  16. it just connected to the network and I realized there is no Win7 driver for it is there any other way to use that printer?
  17. hello I have a pc that runs Win2000 server. I want to keep all the files and the OS, etc, so that it will be a usable server any time I need it, but I will mostly use it for desktop pc (not at the same time, most of the time, it will run as desktop). So, I want to secure the server files and functionality, and use it as desktop that this desktop usage will not affect the server. How can I do that? Maybe by creating an account? or sandboxing? which is more secure and will distinguish totally the two usages? (again, not at the same time, but I will switch from desktop to server, if needed, and vice versa) thanks
  18. hello can you tell me please the easiest/fastest way to install a printer in a Win7 pc? the printer is connected in a network with many other WinXP pc's what should I do? connect the Win7 pc to the network first, then it will automatically install the printer, without need of printer drivers? or install locally the printer with its drivers, then connect the Win7 pc to the network? and how do I connect it to the network? then, I have to install the printer two times (one for tray A, and another one for the tray B) thanks!
  19. hello what is the current bottleneck in todays home systems performance? why you wait for example so much for firefox to start? I think software architecture and not hardware issue thanks PS: this is not a post about fixing a specific problem, but to discuss about the possible source of bottleneck in everyday pc use
  20. hello I need a device that will connect my telephone with my pc and will provide as many as possible of these: - display incoming calls and the caller id to my pc monitor - record calls - keep records of all incoming/outcoming calls, time, duration, etc - automatically forward specific calls to another number (my telephone has the ability to forward calls, but not automatically based to the caller) any idea? thanks
  21. there is nothing to resolve the previous internet provider locked my speed at a lower value to overcome this problem, this company now won't do that and I dont want to do it either it is due to the distance from the dslam and little can be done
  22. I right click on the connection icon under Network Connections (Control Panel) and I choose DISABLE
  23. you dont need to navigate with SendTo, it's just an entry in the menu
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