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  1. yes indeed it helps I dont want my pc to go to standby, I just want the connection to be disabled (I dont even know if getting the pc into standby, disables the connection)
  2. because the target to drag to is not always at hand
  3. disabling the connection during inactivity helps, because as I was advised from the customer service, my line gets stuffed because of too many errors in packets transmitted, so disabling the line (often restarting my router or even my pc) fixes the problem this in most cases works, but it is hard to manually do all these each day, an automatic method would be a saviour
  4. yup, it is a line problem (it is known that line quality is not the best in the area)
  5. hello in WinXP there is the SendTo menu that copies a file to the destination folder is there a way to make it cut and paste the file to the destination folder, instead of just copying it? thanks
  6. hello for some reason, my internet adsl connection gets stuffed after some time of inactivity and it becomes unusable for this reason, I need to automatically disable it when I am leaving my pc (just like the pc detects inactivity and enables screensaver) and re-enable the internet connection when I move my mouse, click my keyboard, etc (just like pc resumes from screensaver) any idea? thanks
  7. hello I have a list of dates and a text. I want this text to be displayed on each of these dates, at 9:00, 12:00, 14:00 o' clock, as a desktop notification and as an email sent to my inbox at that times and dates. I want to import this data easily, as an excel or csv file. do you know a program that can do this? thanks
  8. hello each time we open an xls file, a total of 3 sheets are loaded and 99% of the time, only one sheet is needed can one calculate the impact of this waste on electricity waste or something??
  9. no, I want to create such movies
  10. I know that's why I am asking if there is a specific solution for this need, something like those keyloggers that can take video ONLY when there is 'activity' on the screen and can compress the video
  11. hello i need a program that will monitor and record the view of my screen constantly and create daily archives, is there any? thanks
  12. my os version is winxp sp3 unfortunately there is no software that accompanies my mouse is there a mouse driver that can do this??
  13. hello winxp has a setting in mouse and keyboards setting to specify the number of lines you like to move up or down when you scroll your mouse once, respectively I want to specify another value for MS Office (Word) only and maybe other programs like pdf reader is it possible? thanks
  14. from where did you download "Windows XP SP1 x64 bit Professional Retail"?
  15. specific to the controller means specific to the motherboard, right? so intergrating these SATA drives into my nLite installation, will result in a non-universal XP iso (that won't run in all systems) that's very inconvenient, probably I will switch to Win7 that has native AHCI support
  16. precisely, it is not totally unresponsive, it has very low responsiveness for example, it takes many seconds before a window actually maximizes, when I click its taskbar button this behaviour does not go at all, it continues like this even if I kill via Task Manager the most memory hungry processes (firefox and opera that take each about 300,000 K of "Memory Usage" as shown in Task Manager) in Task Manager, CPU does not look too much loaded (it's below 5%) and PF Usage is 1,8GB (to be honest, even now PF Usage is 1.44GB but the system is totally responsive) after eventually trying to reboot, I get an error sayings that .NET BroadcastEventWindow does not respond to shut down and after that I get an error that explorer.exe does not respond to shut down, but both apps after waiting a bit, shut down themselves, without me having to force them after reboot the system is OK I made some research about .NET BroadcastEventWindow and it seems I must install .NET Framework 1.1, I did so and I will wait to see if this will fix that strange problem by the way, is there a method to free up "PF Usage" ?
  17. thanks is there a way to find ALL .NET Framework versions gathered? with their fixes, service packs, etc? a website with a list or even better a downloadable file that contains them all thanks
  18. thanks since AHCI mode is a performance advantage I will definatelly try it however I need to install SATA drivers during WinXP installation, right? where do I find these drivers in order to encorporated them into my nLite installation? are they universal, or specific for a disk model ? thanks
  19. hello i just noticed that "Vibrant site suggestions" appear in the text of posts, is there a way to disable them? thanks
  20. hello after leaving the pc all night without shutting it down, in the morning it is very unresponsive (clicking to open a window takes many seconds, etc) which can be the cause and the solution? the specs are AMD 1090T with 4GB RAM, 500GB disk and 512MB onboard graphics, with an otherwise stable and responsive XP SP3 installation, without much bloatware and malware free (at least since antivir is running) thanks
  21. hello often when I install a game and try to launch it I get error messages like this: "Error initializing DirectSound: Unknown" any hint? thanks
  22. hello what does SATA AHCI Mode do in simple words? thanks
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