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  1. the thread you mention is so extensive and more or less irrelevant, can you give me a solution to the "usb device not recognized" of a usb stick problem? how to fix the registry problem of the specific stick?
  2. this thread is so extensive, can you give me a solution to the "usb device not recognized" of a usb stick problem?
  3. hello I plugin my usb stick in 2 usb ports of my laptop and I get this tray pop up: USB Device Not Recognized... what can I do? thanks
  4. can you tell me what to do to get back the "US International keyboard layout" please thanks
  5. unfortunately as I said, I don't have the last session.ini any more... is there any other way?
  6. hello I have Win XP Pro and I trimmed it with nlite now that I need to add "US International keyboard" I get this msg: how can I check I have not included in the installation CD? (I don't have the .ini any more) also, is there a way to add it now? thanks
  7. hello I bought a new USB stick (no installation CD included) I run fairly modern laptop, Intel T2050 Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, XP Pro... however, connecting the USB stick does nothing, I don't get the popup "new hardware found" what can I do? thanks
  8. hello I open few xls files from a rar file, and if I close of the these, all close automatically why EXCEL does this? thanks
  9. ... You can't read a DVD-RW in a CD drive. If that is the case (always be careful when stating the obvious ). this is not the problem, since the drive reads everything, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, etc
  10. putting it in his pc shows the files I will tell him to finalize the CD, although I wouldn't like to finalize it, isn't there a way to read a non-finalized CD? the CD appears with no files and the properties are these: can you check from the properties that it is not finalized? by the way I noticed that the disc is DVD-RW !! but as above it appears as CD
  11. hello a friend wrote a CD but in my laptop the CD appears empty he insists he wrote in the CD some pdf files and we put the CD to his PC and the files were in the CD, indeed but putting in my laptop makes the CD appear empty what can I do?
  12. hello in MS word, how can I change the color and font size of the page numbers altogether? thanks
  13. hello what can cause this in MS Word 2003? thanks
  14. colore


    mm not sure about these, it was just a thought thanks for the hint, I will research about them
  15. colore


    hello it is often mentioned in IT science that electronics can understand 0 and 1 (active or inactive current) but why not grades of current? thanks
  16. I don't know if ms office is smart enough (cough), what I now is that I need to disable this thing, I am a fan of WYSIWYG, I want to select what my mouse selects what is extremely annoying is that office selects the "previous" word when I select a space and a word (\s\w for the regex guys)
  17. hello is there a wired landline phone that will work with a bluetooth headset? or if you know a convinient way to talk to a wired landline phone without occupying your hands and that will enable you to move to another room without having to carry all the phone with you DECT and other wireless technologies apart from bluetooth are not desired, since they produce too much radiation for 1-2 hours a day usage thanks
  18. hello I open a doc in office 2003, I search for a term, then I close the file, but office asks me to save the... "changes" what kind of changes did I make by searching for a term? why it asks so? thanks
  19. hello I click on a xls file and office 2003 doesn't open it neither starts I tried to repair it and it gave this error: what can I do? thanks
  20. hello when I double click a word in Office 2003, it includes the space that follows is there an option to make it stop doing this? thanks
  21. mm ok, restarting fixed the problem, just for whom it may concern
  22. colore

    XP SP3

    installation on my current OS I am using, WinXP Pro SP2 32bit PS: also, where I download it from? thanks

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