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  1. http://www.star-force.com/ Check out Star Force. I heard their technology was good.
  2. Try turning off Windows file protection as they might be replacing your keys on the reboot.
  3. Can you provide me with a link to the article? I've had this isusue before and found it hard to fix. The only thing I can suggest is to download a tool which can repair those keys. LSP-Fix
  4. Welcome to the board. It seems you have spyware and maybe viruses. Can you tell me, are you running a virus scanner and do you have an anti-spyware software installed? If you don't then advise you to do the following. Anti-Virus Download Nod32, you can get a trial from their website Here. Then update it and run a full scan. Deleted anything you find and then see if the pop-ups are still coming back. If they are you might have spyware so to combat that you will need to download Spybot Search and Destroy Spybot Search and Destroy First, go to the site and download the program, it's free and can be downloaded Here Then update it to it's latest version and then do a full scan and remove the entries. Do that first and come back to me and tell me if you are still having a problem. Regards, Matt.
  5. What does Xp pro have to offer over the Home version? I know it has such things as gpedit and other little nick nacks but is that all the difference is?
  6. Atleast try to convince me why I should use Ghost. I'm going to out Acronis True Image Thanks for the recommendations.
  7. Hi, I have recently been looking at the topic about how often you re-install Windows Xp. I have seen a fair few people really like this imaging software, but myself have never touched it before and have no idea how to use it even. So my question is What's a fairly cheap Imaging software to buy? Which one ranks high? How do you use them and how quickly can you restore Windows? Regards, Matt.
  8. Strange, that exact phrase is used in the game. Enough off-topic now.
  9. He plays too much Enemy Territory. Hit me up on Enemy Territory some time Jeremy
  10. Thanks for the interesting program. I have tried this before and it works very well. I mean, I download the MS Blaster worm using Internet Explorer through the sandbox and when I closed the box, bam! It was gone. By the way, you can also choose to save files you have downloaded if you wish.
  11. I reinstall often for testing and me usually screwing something up. I try to use a Virtual Machine, but there are times when you need to see how it's going to react in the real world.
  12. I was thinking last night and thought of trying to do something like this : I have a 320 gig hard drive and was thinking of partitioning it 20GB/300GB With the 30GB patition I would install my operating system (Windows Xp) and deepfreeze it. So everytime I restart anything which effected the os has no effect. And with the 300GB it would just be my place to hold my data files. Would this work? If it did, It would keep my system folder minimal.
  13. You make me feel like my Windows is really bloated. Hmmm. I think I need less services. I have nearly a whole page of running services. I also gone up 7 processes since last time. Keep on a tweakin!
  14. Hi, If you think you have tweaked your Windows Xp to the maximum why don't you send a picture of the task manager and the performance tab to see how you compare with other users. I myself have tweaked with installation pretty heavily removing a lot of drivers. All the applications and some other bits and bobs. Here are my two screens. How do you think you will compare?

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