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  1. Fizban2, can I upgrade to the 64 bit Vista without having to reinstall all my software, etc.? Also, would I just buy a 64 upgrade of Vista Business? Thanks
  2. My motherboard has 4 slots for memory boards. I now have a total of 2 GB's (1 GB in each of 2 slots, leaving 2 vacant slots). It's my understanding that my 32 bit system (I have an Intel mother board and my OS is Vista Business) can not support 4 GB's. Can I add just one more 1 GB board in one of the remaining slots? What would happen if I added 2 GB's in the remaining 2 slots?
  3. I'm using Outlook 2002. My OS is Vista Business. How do I get my Outlook signature to properly display HTML code? My Outlook is set to send in HTML format (I think) and I can receive emails that have HTML and it's properly displayed. I just can't seem to get the HTML in my signature to display properly. Thanks, Rocky

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