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  1. Now is available also avire free in italian... someone can modify the script to add italian? Thank you
  2. Italian translation updated to 7.3.0 lang_it.js
  3. Madboy, your application works on Windows Vista? Driver detect is the same? I have Vista DP and i'ld try P.S. i'm waiting for news about your work... do you think you'll update this software or you abandon it? Thank you
  4. I've read the how to guide in this forum section and vista is not supported, i'm looking for easier way to create a DVD vista+xpH+xpP, i've tried easyboot but i don't like it, is there any other way to do it? Thank you
  5. I've found Office Remover 2007 if someone want try it
  6. Windows XP, Windows MCE, Windows Vista would give you Windows Xp Config, Windows MCE Config, & Windows Vista Config I don't understand, if i save another configuration, it overwrite latest... i want 2 or 3 configuration...
  7. I need multiple configuration to select different applications for windows xp home, mce and vista but i've seen WPI allows only one extra configuration. Is it possible to add others configurations? Thank you
  8. I can do italian translation, give me english file and i'll translate. benners now i've see that there'is no unistaller for windows live, is it normal?
  9. Good work I've tested it for italian version. Works like a charm!
  10. radix can you update your script to latest version? There are some changes to do. Thank you
  11. Kelsenellenelvian when i try to launch italian autorun i receive this error "Can't launch F:\WPI\WPI\WPI.hta." The last dot is right?
  12. Italian Translation - First release Italian translation
  13. We're waiting for next update! Waiting for it, Good work MadBoy
  14. I have a very stupid request.... A random play for media player
  15. Italian translation would be: Start WPI = Avvia WPI Exit = Esci Thank you for your work!
  16. Siginet, if you want i can translate Powerpacker in italian. If you'll add multilanguage feature i can do it in my language. Good work
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