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  1. First unpack power dvd setup to a folder. Copy "setupCustom.ini" and "PDVD8.reg" files in the same folder as where you extracted your setup. Open Winrar -select option "Create Sfx archive" -select "Best" from "Compression Method" -select comment and copy this: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=Setup.exe Presetup=REGEDIT /S PDVD8.reg TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  2. radix is it possible to remove divx desktop links?
  3. Works great! Thank you again radix!
  4. I've seen that for Regcleaner there are no switch to silent install , i've tried to make an autoit script but i'm not able, someone can see it for me? It's very simple but i have problems with windows names in the script... Thank you!
  5. It works GREAT! Thank you radix!
  6. Thank you radix, i'll try soon!
  7. I'm searching to install latest divx in silent mode someone can help me? i need an autoit script to install it Thank you
  8. jinkazama

    XP SP3

    Is available italian XP SP3?
  9. Hi chac.a.l., i've used your theme and it works perfectly on cd... here a screenshot of my cd installer
  10. Italian language update for WPI 6.4 Kelsenellenelvian, italian language bundled with 6.4 is very very old, please update it in next release, thank you! lang_it.js
  11. Hi Chac.a.l can you share your WPI Theme? I like it Thank you
  12. Kelsenellenelvian i've done this but i have this problem both on vista and XP. Wath can i do? Thank you for support
  13. Hi, someone can help me with language setting, i've read setup.ini in language section: Location=Opera_installer.msi [Languages] count=23 default=402 I need an italian installation in multilanguage setup, i've changed default value in setup.ini but how can i say to unattended installer to use this indication? Thank you
  14. I've translate Office Slipstreamer to thank mara_ for his great work Italian translation is here! Hopig mara_ add it in next release. Bye italian.rar
  15. Hi friends i'm asking if is possible create a script which uninstall every type of installation of office 2007 (also 2003 and previous if possible) silenty. My problem is born with acer notebooks with Office Home and student preinstalled which inhibit my office 2007 silent (using WPI) Thank you for help
  16. Italian translation for WPI 6.3! - Updated language to 6.3 version - Fixed missing lines (like Manual and Selection in main window) - Added command lines from 6 to 10 I hope italian users help me to fix any bug! lang_it.rar
  17. mara- now is available Office 2007 SP1, do you think you'll add it to your big utility? Always a great work!
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