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  1. Here my Italian translation Italian translation and italian modded bootorder file to make ISO Italian translation I've also some questions about translation, I've found no entry to translate for these:
  2. Can you add translation lines for this? Thank you
  3. Someone can explain me how can i use WPI from a network? If i have WPI folder on PC A (DHCP) how can I use it on PC B in the same network? Thank you
  4. hi all, i need help, i'v downloaded Songr, i have extract installer using universal extractor, i have file songr standalone, now i need to edit this file to disable autoupdate (default activated). Some one can help me? Thank you
  5. @romeo Is it possible to modify default driver folder in "drp" to use the same database of driverpack solution (without changing options)?
  6. ionut_y is this installer modded? Original one doesn't work...
  7. Here my first italian translation, icon popup description are missing but it's complete for all interface. Romeo91 you can add it to next release, as soon as possible i'll complete it Good work Italian.txt
  8. @Romeo91: there is line 54 not translatable Please fix it P.S. Which ID for italian language? Russian ID = 0419 English ID = 409
  9. Update Drivers Installation Assistant 2.3.5 Full distribuition program 2.3.5 mirror
  10. is it possible to add the creation of a silent install installer?
  11. mritter, can you create a googlecode group to develop new features, like translation and other...?
  12. Here my icon, if you like it you can use for your software. I've solved, thank you pro_s_hardware_installer_2.0.0.25.ico
  13. I have tried both solutions but always same error i have all in a directory RELATIVE switch should point to Driver directory...
  14. Hi madboy, can i use Driver pro-s from usb pen? I get this error... here my hardware config Thank you
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