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  1. Meet the new version of the Drivers Installer Assistant. This version has a growth rate several times , as when the program starts , and when indexing driver packages . The program has changed the interface. Almost until the end finished work on support Unicode. Therefore, I expect regular users transfer programs into native languages. There have been major changes in the functional program. Now the program can work with the unpacked driver packages ( but mutually exclusive mode ) . Added the ability to create/upload the snap system for emulation of different computers. Download, test, write reviews. Work on my projects are not complete and is constantly, albeit intermittently. On the development of the project, you can try to change history. ! Recommended a clean install, since the directory structure has been changed Changes to the Drivers Installer Assistant [6.4.28 - PreFinal] This list contains all changes since the last version history official publication online version 5.4.18 Version 6.4.28 PreFinal (28.04.2014) [CHANGED] Optimize starting process, the rate increased by ~ 40 % [CHANGED] Optimizing the indexing process, the rate increased by ~ 10-15% [ADDED] Added command /savereport[:DIR] to save the snapshot of the operation system. If the directory [DIR] is not specified, the file is saved to the directory DebugLogPath. [ADDED] After you run program the snapshot of the system is stored to the directory DebugLogPath [FIXED] Fixed a rare bug in the indexing process when some HWID trimmed [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash if the driver installation starts immediately after indexation ( in the same session of the program ) [FIXED] Fixed selection of drivers for touchpad [FIXED] Fixed not update the status pictures of the driverpack's after start emulation mode [FIXED] Several other minor bugs Version 6.4.11 PreFinal (11.04.2014) [CHANGED] Optimize starting process, the rate increased to ~ 2-3 times [CHANGED] Optimizing the indexing process, the rate increased to ~ 2-3 times [CHANGED] Optimize debug logging programs, reduced the number of messages in the standard mode . Improved readability of the log file [CHANGED] Updated to support the operating system markers and markers laptop manufacturers (idea by SamLab) [ADDED] Added support for markers (intel_2nd, intel_4th) to correctly install the driver Intel USB 3.0 (IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30) (idea by BadPointer) [CHANGED] Slightly changed the format of the database (combined the "path" and "inf- file name") . [CHANGED] Changed display prompts for the driver package button (combined the "path" and "the name of the inf- file") . [CHANGED] The program now has a full opportunity to work with the unpacked driver packages [CHANGED] Multiple changes/improvements to the GUI [ADDED] Enhanced the ability to change settings through the interface: change the font controls , change the appearance of buttons driver packages [FIXED] Fixed non font color controls [CHANGED] Changed the icon size for the control buttons (32x32 buttons except the driver packages, they were 24x24) [ADDED] Unicode support for all controls (except SStab) [FIXED] Fixed display of application icons for exe- file and displayed on the Alt + Tab ( for Windows Vista +) [CHANGED] For universality and ease of integration programs in the various collections of drivers, changed the directory structure of the program: subdirectories "Lang", "Graphics", "Docs" moved to DIA folder [CHANGED] Configuration file .\Tools\DriversInstaller.ini renamed .\Tools\DIA.ini [CHANGED] Temporary directory program changed to %temp%\DIA [FIXED] Stability of the application , the program crashes arbitrary fixed (I very much hope ) [CHANGED] Improved response programs at various operations [CHANGED] Optimization of functions to work with files [CHANGED] Fixed some minor bugs in the indexing process (purity database in terms of determining the device name) [ADDED] Added ability to decompress individual drayverpakah, by pressing the right mouse button on the driver package (it was only implemented for group mode) [CHANGED] The process of creating a restore point moved into installation mode driver (previously at startup). Created once per session of the program. [CHANGED] Added AUTO CHANGEOVER column width when switching between all tables [FIXED] Fixed switching between elements by pressing TAB (added focus) [CHANGED] Improved emulation mode (save/load) to determine the parameters of the emulated system based on the image file name [CHANGED] Changed the "About" Version 5.12.30 Beta (30.12.2013) ! You must recreate the database, the program will tell about the incompatibility of the database [CHANGED] Changed the algorithm for sorting the database on HWID [CHANGED] Changed the algorithm to search for the HWID driver in the database [ADDED] In order to accelerate the launch changed selection module drivers for this program for indexing , creates an additional file % driverpackName%. Hwid [CHANGED] Cleaning the database drivers - Removed possible errors in the analysis inf- files As a result of the above changes, downloading programs takes ~ 2 times faster [CHANGED] File devcon_c.cmd no longer used when running , now comes with a direct challenge devcon.exe parameters. [FIXED] Fixed closing the program if the file was not created hwids.txt - result of the program devcon.exe. The program continued to boot and gave out a lot of errors [FIXED] Fixed a bug run on windows 2000, the reason was the function to run external applications [ADDED] Support of Unicode for almost all controls [ADDED] The default font for tips Lucida Console, for all other elements Tahoma. Unless otherwise prescribed in the program settings . [ADDED] When you switch to indexing , if not neproindeksirovannyh packages , this selection is set at "All" [FIXED] Fixed non-creation drivers folder for indexing drivers [FIXED] Removed all options database drivers are now creating an unconditional [FIXED] Fixed the calculation time incorrectly calculated the time in milliseconds [CHANGED] Removed dependency on the component richtx32.ocx - Microsoft Rich Textbox Control 6.0. [ADDED] Added button to rebuild the window is resized or navigate through the tabs [ADDED] Added Arabic thanks MFM Dawdeh - http://www.mfmd.net/forum.php [ADDED] Information about the current progress of implementation is now at the beginning of the program header Version 5.10.29 Final (29.10.2013) [ADDED] Added the "Save information about the devices to emulate a program on the other PC" [ADDED] Added form for emulation . Now also allows you to select the target operating system. [CHANGED] Fixed issue progress if more than one tab, and some of them are empty [CHANGED] Adding additional debug messages [CHANGED] Optimization of the program loading and indexing driver packages [CHANGED] Improved responsiveness of the program to index the driver packages [CHANGED] Add information on the current progress in the implementation of the program header [CHANGED] Fixed the GUI [CHANGED] Code optimization program [CHANGED] Updated support for markers prozvoditelya operating systems and laptops, for the correct determination of the touchpad Version 5.10.4 Final (04.10.2013) [FIXED] Fixed compatibility analysis of drivers, if markers FORCED or STRICT were in the beginning. [FIXED] Fixed some rare errors in indexing driverpack's. [CHANGED] Performance indexing increased by 20%. [FIXED] Fixed run the program without driverpack's. [CHANGED] Replacement of the many elements of the interface to more stable . [ADDED] Added partial to emulate the program to another computer on the basis of the file %Temp%\DriversInstaller\HwidsTempExt.txt, which is created each time then you start the program. Emulated by all except the version of the operating system. Functionality is available via the menu item - "Updating drivers database - Download information of another PC (Emulation work)". [CHANGED] Added support for the latest markers [CHANGED] Updated Program System Information Viewer to version V4.40 [CHANGED] Updated program Unknown Device Identifier to version V8.01 [CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.35 Version 5.7.17 Final (17.07.2013) [CHANGED] Changed the procedure for checking updates , added a timeout waiting for a response from the server = 5 seconds , the update check is in asynchronous mode , ie without "freezing" of the program . [CHANGED] Changed to switch between tabs in different modes [CHANGED] Increased stability of the application, fixes random crashes the program - have been replaced with some GUI elements. [ADDED] Added additional messages if there are no suitable driver packages in different modes of operation [CHANGED] Work Mode "Removing older versions of the driver packages" also adapted for DriverPacksTeam Driverpack's, previously tested only on SamLab Driverpack's [FIXED] Fixed mode "Removing non-existent database driverpack's if in the program is more than one tab [ADDED] Added functionality (requires testing) of the unzipped driver packages. Operating mode is mutually exclusive , ie, either the directories or files. To enable it, set in the configuration file DriversInstaller.ini [OS] DP_is_aFolder = 1 [FIXED] Fixed a bug when running the program with the parameters for resource recovery program [CHANGED] Responsiveness of the program when you start external processes [CHANGED] Updated the other language files [CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.30
  2. Changes to the Drivers Installer Assistant [5.4.15 - Final] ! This is a summary list of the changes since the last public version 3.12.12 ! Attention, renamed configuration file - now DriversInstaller.ini, instead settings.ini GUI Changes [CHANGED] Large restyling program appearance (changed/added many elements), expanding the program settings on registration [CHANGED] Change progressbar systems 6.x - now the progress is displayed on taskbar [CHANGED] Fixed displacement of some elements in the form of the different operating systems. [CHANGED] The form of display information about the operating system in the future, this form may be filled with information. [ADDED] The field is added to the main form with the information about the computer model/motherboard [CHANGED] Changed dialog delete index files for non-existent driver packages [CHANGED] Increased the height of the status bar [CHANGED] The language files are converted to Unicode, for a correct display of text. [ADDED] In the language files (*. Lng) added parameter that determines the code page - "Charset". This parameter is required for correct display of text in elements that are not supported Unicode. For example, Russia's code page Windows 1251, and, accordingly, "Charset = 1251". [CHANGED] Stretching the program in full screen, after screen resolution change the program if it was less than 800x600 [CHANGED] In the settings you added bordered text fields when focused Functional [ADDED] Added the ability to copy to the clipboard HWID (context menu) [ADDED] Rewrote functionality for working with the command line. To date, the program provides the following initial options: • "/?", "/h", "-h", "-help", "/help" - display the Help window; • "/Extractdll [:path]" - extract files from program to the specified directory, if a directory is specified, the recovery is a temporary location; • "/Regdll" - registration of software components (dll and ocx); • "/s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]" - Run silent mode installation of drivers, with the ability to select selection of drivers. Parameter [mode] can be set to mode "installation (compatible drivers)" and "Installation (Full - the whole package)," respectively: • n or n2 - Select driver packages with newer drivers • q or q2 - Select driver packages with unknown drivers, • a or a2 - Select all driver packages to the tab can be set. • "/t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]" - time in seconds, before the start silent mode install the drivers. The default interval is 10 seconds. [ADDED] Added functionality "Removing legacy driver packages", is available in the "Update databases". [ADDED] Drayverpak TouchPad tested for compatibility only on laptops [ADDED] For accurate selection of drivers for touchpad, Samlab markers introduced by producers, the right driver is located in the subfolder\%NOTEBOOK_VENDOR% _nb\ The program analyzes the information on the laptop manufacturer and marker and make a decision on the compatibility of For complete support of all manufacturers of notebook and flexibility of the program, introduced support for the filter parameter %NOTEBOOK_VENDOR% and retrieval of information on the laptop manufacturer To file DriversInstaller.Ini added a new section [NotebookVendor] FilterCount = 22 Filter_1 = 3Q;*3q* Filter_2 = Acer;*acer* Filter_3 = Alienware;*alienware* Filter_4 = Apple;*apple* Filter_5 = Asus;*asus* Filter_6 = BenQ;*benq* Filter_7 = Clevo;*clevo* Filter_8 = Dell;*dell* Filter_9 = eMachines;*emachines* Filter_10 = Eurocom;*eurocom* Filter_11 = Fujitsu;*fujitsu* Filter_12 = Getac;*getac* Filter_13 = Gigabyte;*gigabyte* Filter_14 = iRU;*iru* Filter_15 = HP;*hp*;*hewle* Filter_16 = Lenovo;*lenovo* Filter_17 = LG;*lg* Filter_18 = MSI;*msi*;*micro-star* Filter_19 = Packard;*packard* bell* Filter_20 = Samsung;*samsung* Filter_21 = Sony;*sony*;*vaio* Filter_22 = Toshiba;*toshiba* where Filter_X =%NOTEBOOK_VENDOR%; required text for information on product model, supports search mask [FIXED] Fixed work on systems nt6 when the DEP (on Windows Server 2003 to work properly it is necessary to add a program to the exceptions DEP, until the solution is not found) [CHANGED] Added an additional check in the formation of the restore point, as on server platforms, it does not work. [CHANGED] Removed the obsolete driver database indexing algorithms [CHANGED] Removed the obsolete mode "Read the drivers," now reads ever. [CHANGED] Fixed fitting algorithm drivers if no markers in inf does not clearly indicate the version of the operating system. [CHANGED] For information about the version of Windows is taken now by using WMI, under the old system had problems in determining the version of Windows Blue Debug [ADDED] Debug mode settings in a separate block of the program settings. [ADDED] Added option "Create a log-file in the subdirectory" logs "program [ADDED] Added the ability to create a log file with a unique name. Template file name is written in the program settings. [ADDED] In debug mode settings added to the "Add a date and time in each line of the log file" [CHANGED] In the setting debug mode divided the "path to log file" - now have to specify two parameters, the catalog to create a log file, and the file name pattern [CHANGED] At the end of the debug-log added synthesis of available drivers to install, To compare the selection of drivers (more functionality added in version 5.4.4, but I was not described) Other [CHANGED] Slightly modified procedure of checking software upgrade, the inaccessibility of the site. [CHANGED] Optimizing ads Api-functions [CHANGED] Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks Lisabon) [CHANGED] Updated Czech translation (Thanks Tron - Marek Pavlik) [CHANGED] Updated other language files [CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.30 [CHANGED] Updated Program System Information Viewer to version V4.35 [CHANGED] Many other minor fixes.
  3. Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.9.21 Stable Beta] [FIXED] Fixed a bug with the crash of the program when you click "Backup". [ADDED] Implemented functionality for working with the command line. Now, the program provides the following initial options: • "/?", "/h", "-h", "-help", "/help" - display the Help window; • "/extractdll[:path]" - extract files from program to the specified directory, if a directory is specified, the recovery is a temporary location; • "/regdll" - registration of software components (dll and ocx). [CHANGED] The names of subfolders when the backup is no longer contain spaces. [CHANGED] Minor changes in the interface window "Options". [CHANGED] Optimization of the program code. [CHANGED] Updated the modified SFX-module (Oleg Shcherbakov www.7zsfx.info) to version Beta. [CHANGED] Updated Archiver 7za (Igor Pavlov www.7-zip.org) to version 9.22 Beta.
  4. Please, try this version http://www.mediafire.com/?48358d8eijk92zy
  5. Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.4.10 Final] [CHANGED] Improved search for drivers on Windows Vista and higher, due to changes in the principle of the catalog DriverStore. [CHANGED] Refined components of the progress bar and status bar, Lots of internal optimizations of the program. [CHANGED] Updated Spanish (Thanks OscurPoet) [ADDED] Added handling of missing sections. Coinstallers. [ADDED] Improved software to correctly identify and work on Windows 8. [FIXED] Fixed handling of sections CopyFiles - driver files in the distribution may be with different names than after installation. [FIXED] It is considered the correct sizing of form elements when the form is resized for Windows Vista and above.
  6. Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.3.1 PreFinal] [FIXED] Fixed handling of security catalog file *. Cat (CatalogFile). Sometimes, the program could not be considered an option from the inf-file [FIXED] Fixed the error of localization service messages, the choice of language programs through the interface [FIXED] Fixed localization of certain elements of the interface [ADDED] Added ability to change the name of the archive before you begin. 3 options available: - In the name of the archive, in default, the name of the computer - In the name of the archive, in default, the computer model - A custom template that supports the predefined macros: %PCName% - name of the computer %PCModel% - model of the computer/motherboard %OSVer% - operating system version %OSBit% - bit operating system %OSDate% - the current date [ADDED] Added a partial translation into Spanish (Thanks OscurPoet) [ADDED] Added Ukrainian translation (thanks Vsirf and samsobi) [ADDED] Added Czech translation (thanks Tron) [ADDED] Added a partial translation into Turkish language (Thanks TiXTOR) [CHANGED] Changed some interface elements [CHANGED] In the language files (*. Lng) added parameter that determines the code page - "Charset". This parameter is required for the correct display of text in a cell, unsupported Unicode. For example, for Russian Windows codepage 1251, and, accordingly, "Charset = 1251". [CHANGED] All language files are converted to Unicode, for a correct display of text. [CHANGED] Updated the modified SFX-module by Oleg Scherbakov (www.7zsfx.info) to version [CHANGED] Removed dependency on the control tabctl32.ocx (respectively, the file is removed from the resources of the program and register the component is removed at startup) [CHANGED] Lots of other changes to the interface and the program code, all I unfortunately do not remember
  7. Looks good. The library system is present and correct version 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: Path to capicom.dll from Reestr: [b]C:\Program Files\Microsoft CAPICOM\Lib\X86\capicom.dll[/b] 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Start 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Start: compare with 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Result: = 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-End 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: is already present in system - File version: 4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: Result=True Try to re-register the library - regsvr32 capicom.dll If you have antivirus software, then use the software to turn them off
  8. The program should also work with younger versions, these versions are recommended. Do you have a problem in an entirely different, the error you call another function. Procedure: CalcHashFile Description error: ActiveX component can't create object And it suggests a problem with a component capicom.dll. But this is more a problem version 2.3.3, as v.2.4.11 I added to the resources the library program and implemented it in the absence of registration. Maybe something to prevent the registration, the antivirus or something else. Please enable debugging in the program and start again, and then attach the resulting log to the forum The file DriversBackuper.ini [Debug] DebugEnable = 1 DebugLogPath = C:\debuglog_DBS.txt
  9. At this time in the DIA did not change as much as usual, but there are a couple of very useful. The program is now better quality picks up the driver - if there are multiple drivers for one device, then the installation will be offered to drivers approaching on the most complete code of the device. Also, for more convenient custom installation, the program added a filter that removes from the list of currently installed drivers. For a more comfortable work and I also realized the possibility of extracting the drivers to your chosen directory. Changes to the Drivers Installer Assistant [3.4.12 - RC1] [ADDED] For a custom installation added a selection of drivers in groups, "Not Installed or Disable", "Update Available", "Installed", "Older than the established." [ADDED] Added ability to extract the driver (selected or all that apply). Available for group treatment. [ADDED] More accurate selection of drivers. To install the driver will be offered that are matched to the fullest HWID. [ADDED] For additional utilities added to the setup executable file for 64-bit OS. If the setting is not specified, the default is to run a file, prescribed for 32-bit OS. [FIXED] Fixed appearance of messages at work in quiet mode. [FIXED] There was no transfer of some elements. Fixed. [CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.22 (Added run 64-bit version). [CHANGED] Updated Program System Information Viewer to version V4.17 (Added run 64-bit version). [CHANGED] Changed the checkbox element in all forms. [CHANGED] Fixed the displacement of some elements in the form on different operating systems. [CHANGED] Many other small fixes.
  10. 1. Yes, just double-click it to install... The program creates self-extracting archive, where the program runs after you unpack DPInst from Microsoft. She decides to put the driver or not, if the driver unsuitable, then put it there will not be. 2. Yes, a Russian word in the English interface, there is an error. This text is registered directly in your code, but not in the language file. In the next version need to correct.
  11. The program has finally acquired the interface to change most settings, before you can edit the settings directly only in Ini-file. Added registration of library capicom.dll, the lack of which caused an error in the system program "ActiveX component can't create object" in the function CalcHashFile Version 2.4.11 PreFinal (11.04.2011) + Added automatic registration of library capicom.dll (version in its absence (the library is often not available on Windows Vista and Windows 7) + The program added to the Customize menu to change most settings through the GUI. * Updated the modified SFX-module (Oleg Shcherbakov www.7zsfx.info) to version * Added configuration file for SFX-module with an English interface
  12. To be honest, the screenshot to me nothing says. Since most errors I can not see ... But I know that many users Win7 there was an error ActiveX component can't create object. There are several ways to solve this problem 1. Download and install from Microsoft's library capicom http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/7/1/17115a2c-8493-4947-bb7d-d7b58457acf7/CAPICOM-KB931906-v2102.exe just in case, say the distribution installs the library in the folder c:\Program Files\Microsoft CAPICOM\Lib\X86 2. a. Download the archive capicom.7z of attachment, unzip it and file capicom.dll placed in the directory %windir%\system32 b. Following is a need to register the file - select Start-Run regsvr32 capicom.dll 3. Change option in section [Main] CalculateHashMode = 0 - this is an old method for hash file, without using the library capicom The first and the second method is preferable, as in the third slows the rate of creating backups capicom.7z
  13. Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [2.3.3 RC1] [CHANGED] Changed logic of programs, driver files are first searched in the folder DRVSTORE [CHANGED] The speed of the program increased [ADDED] Now, copying files is preserving the directory structure of drivers [ADDED] Added possibility to create SFX-archives with automatic installation of drivers using DPInst. Accordingly, the distribution of the program includes a program DPInst When you create a SFX 7za-file uses a modified module Oleg Shcherbakov (www.7zsfx.info) version, for which he thanks a lot. Configuration file of the module is in a directory ".\Tools\Arc\sfx\" [ADDED] Added a new option in the settings file DriversBackuper.ini Section [Main] ArchMode = 0 Parameter specifies the program, which archiving mode as the default. Can be 0..2. [FIXED] Fixed up the drivers from the repository DrvStore, if the source contains subdirectories [FIXED] Fixed error when deleting temporary files This version was faster and more reliable in operation. Now the program can recreate the directory structure of drivers. Implemented a functional self-extracting archive with automatic installation of drivers through DPInst. DBS Program currently does not concede, and in some respects even superior to many well-known program to backup drivers, such as: DoubleDriver V4.1.0. Smart Driver Backup 2.12 Driver Magician Lite 3.72 DriverMax 5.31 DriverBackup (IcemanND)
  14. Changes to the Drivers Installer Assistant [3.2.16 - Final] [CHANGED] Optimize the speed run the program. [CHANGED] Beginning with version 2.12.1915 program is very slow with the cd \ dvd and on the network. Now, the launch speed is almost independent of the location of the program. [CHANGED] Fixed progress not correct behavior when loading the program. [CHANGED] Added parameter change "Process compatible HWID (CompatibleIDs)" via the interface. [CHANGED] Updated software DevManView to version V1.20. [CHANGED] Updated software System Information Viewer to version V4.16. [ADDED] For each tab running tab is added to the group of driver packages "All drayverpaki", "Update Available", "Unidentified," "Installed", "DB is not created." [ADDED] Added full support for compatible HWID for each device on your computer. Parameter in settings.ini - [OS] CompatiblesHWID = 1 To work correctly, you must turn off the option "Treat duplicate HWID", and then restart the program and re-create the database. Increases the startup time, but is required to more accurately determine the appropriate drivers. [ADDED] Now compatible HWID searched in all the tabs for all OS. Return to the old mode of operation is possible through the setting: Section [OS] SearchCompatibleDriverOtherOS = 0 [ADDED] The program starts looking for the unknown device driver (not in the index files), and if such changes the description and the text color button "List all your hardware drivers + Search the Internet for the HWID". When you press this button the program displays a list of missing drivers in the database program where you can search for drivers on the Internet. [ADDED] Added a new option for supported OS - Ignore the bit OS. [ADDED] In the "Tools" menu added new paragraphs: Update the status of all driver packages (the current tab) Shift + F6 Scan for hardware changes (the current tab) Shift + F5 [ADDED] Added a new option when the program starts: Do not handle the tab for unsupported operating systems. Parameter in settings.ini - [OS] LoadUnSupportedOS = 0 Buttons driver packages for these operating systems will not change the status at startup, thereby reducing the startup time. After loading the status can be changed for each button separately (context menu) or for all tabs SHIFT + F6 [ADDED] Added ability to change the font and font color for new bookmarks via the setup program. [ADDED] Added a hidden setting - Section [Main] option LoadIniTmpAfterRestart. If the parameter is "0", then the option is not included in the work, and if "1", the logic is as follows: 1. When the program is a CD \ DVD settings saving program, the temporary file% temp% \ settings_dia_tmp.ini; 2. With the positive response to a request to restart the program after saving the program will start with new settings; 3. In the usual exit from the program a temporary configuration file is deleted. [FIXED] Fixed a partial not delete temporary directories. [FIXED] Considered a rare feature of the Inf-file, because of which could not get entry into the database. [FIXED] Fixed error handling if the driver database in the database only one line. [FIXED] Fixed incorrect behavior of the checkbox. Checkmark posed only after the item was removed from the mouse.
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