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  1. it does it on all programs, the ones causing a problem is incredimail, and my chipset install.etc.
  2. Hi I need some help. I have a WPI install setup using WPI 6.3 and my problem is the WPI doesn't wait till the program has finished installing before before it starts installing the next program.
  3. I found the problem addon it was IE7 addon, Thanks guys I appreciate your help
  4. I'm sure this is probably a stupid question. How many addons can be added before it bogs down the install? I added 10 Plus and it seems to stop the install at 13 minutes. Thanks eddie11013 it sure helps. I was wondering if the installs were performed by like wpi would make the OS install quicker?
  5. I found a better and easier way to install my software through nlite, WPI
  6. I've been to all those places before I started this thread, The info is old and most of the reference links are dead
  7. Are you saying to make a rar sfx file? If so where does it go in addons? yea. that is what i mean. make a rar SFX included the (autoit script+the program) and run it silently and please Explain exactly what you want to do ? so i can help you more than What I want to do is install my software with the nlilite unattended cd. Beings my software requires a cd-key or serial, I'm using autoit3 script to do the installation. there maybe an easier way of accomplishing this, but I just don't any other way. I certainly appriciate your help on this.
  8. Are you saying to make a rar sfx file? If so where does it go in addons?
  9. I know how create an autoit script for a program install, after I compile it where does it go addons?, where? do I need to do something else to the exe file, where do I put the program files for the autoit exe, I've been 3 days reading all kinds of stuff but none answers my problem, some is very contridictory and confusing. Is there a better easier way to install the apps? Please help
  10. Its a gateway mx8715 and I trying to install windows xp. I appreciate your help liam Thanks for the response 32 bit
  11. I need some help, I fixed this problem a long time ago but I can't remember what I did to fix the problem. My laptop has a sata drive and when I try to do a new install of windows xp there ids no drive to select for the install.
  12. Your right thats where it is, I appreciate your help Thanks again for the help
  13. I'm a newbie to wpi, where is the RunWPI.exe located and where is it placed on the cd?
  14. Thanks zorphnog, by playing around with runoncecmd, I was able to finally get something to install, I appreciate your help bud.
  15. I understand what your saying, but I am a dummie with this, I have read a lot of the instructions, but I have not found a step by step instructions that a layman can understand, I have no idea where file/s go, e.g. my intent is to install all my third pary software when I install my windows xp, I find installing after is to time intent so I thought I would just have them installed when windows got installed.
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