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  1. Wuts wrong with system restore, backup software is only useful if you make a backup. System restore automatically backups up the files. Yes, i do hate it sometimes it doesnt work. But when and if it does it makes things much easier.
  2. Thanks m8, That got me thinking thus upon loading the vmware tools it must have changed my res. I changed it back and it filled the screen again.
  3. Ya, i know i hate the grouping though which i dont use. I just want my windows in the taskbar to get smaller and smaller as i fill it up such as in win2k.
  4. Since i already have a current windows installation on my machine and i recently got into nlite for my others i was just wondering can i ever make it as fast or optimized as an installation of xp that has been nlited. So far i pretty much have just only used tweakxp and made it a bit faster than it used to be before.
  5. no, i did manage to get it full screen b4, but now i cannot anymore
  6. When you have a lot of windows say about 12 ie6 windows than the start bar has 2 sections instead of just making the tabs smaller. I prefer that way such as in the earlier windows versions and i hate the grouping feature as well.
  7. I cant seem to get it to fill up the full screen v5.5.1 build19175
  8. Update: Mine unofurtanetly didnt disable all the options that i had selected, only disabled 2 of them which were the slide options. It is possible that since i selected the options in nlite as well that caused conflict. Do you guys think thats the prob?
  9. I have been researching a little while i do not fully understand everything i am wondering thus why people would need to install programs after they logon versus during the windows installation. I myself have used a few of ryanvm cab files to install the windows updates, ccleaner, and adaware. I plan to have a few more installed later. I appreciate the responses to this ?.
  10. Just wondering wut is the xbox 360 and stardock?
  11. I put the file in the proper directory but during install it shows no wallpaper. It looks as a win2k installation screen with no backround or fancy text, buttons, etc;.
  12. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...b26937157ef457/
  13. I looked at the guide, wut is the reason of using purgecache?
  14. Just press enter, you might not have a passcode. I didnt.
  15. Try ctrl alt del x2. Maybe a theme error.
  16. That is wut i though, but i disabled all things in msconfig and restarted and still it didnt work. I did a repair then.
  17. Why not just use +/- programs? Why use the registry?
  18. How did you find out that was the prob? Also i wonder why that causes slow explorer
  19. I can now get into safe mode. I am assuming because i used the vista pack theme setting that safe mode doesnt recognize the changed logon menu so i tried pressing ctrl alt del 2x which worked. I disabled everything in the msconfig and tried booting normaly and still it stops at the bootscreen. I cannot use system restore for some reason i dont have any restore points now.
  20. Just out of curiosity has anybody tried an animated oemlogo? I am unsure as to whether or not we can have animated bmp files, i know we can have animated gif
  21. Basically after the installation has completed and the user creates the user accounts i want the logon screen to be the vista theme. Then after logging in it loads the vista wallpaper, start button, progress bar, & desktop icons. So i was wondering how i would proceed with this or if its possible?

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