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  1. It is a server! But it doesn't have any strange new accounts. Except ADMINISTRATOR,GUEST,TOM
  2. MSBHI22 My policys are defined corectly, looK:
  3. I don't even have that option. I've provided a picture: ------------ EDIT: I resized the image so it won't take so much space.. ------------
  4. Don't know, haven't tempered with GPEDIT.MSC so I doubt it
  5. MSBHI22 I wish it was that easy. Your advice doesn't help since the Screen Saver is already set to NONE!! And besides if the screen saver was active shouldn't it display something moving on the screen and not the above mentioned picture?
  6. That is because I can't reproduce the problem and thus can't PrintScreen the image. I don't know why but all of a sudden the annoying screen went away... If somehow I get it back(hope not) I will post the pic!
  7. I get it when the computer is idle for more than 10 min. ps. I'm not sure, but I think this screen started to appear when I instaled Remotely Anywhere!
  8. In Win2k SP4 I've 2 maped drives from the other computer which has WinXP SP1. Now the problem is that if the WinXP machine is shut down, EXPLORER will load for almost 2minutes!!! I believe that the maped drives are the problem. Cos for some reason Win2k takes too long before it accepts they are missing. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Here's a link to it: http://www.tune-up.com/products/tu2003/?ap=1608 If it sucks, could U recommend a better program?
  10. TANX m8! tHAT IS exactly what I was looking for
  11. I once found a page where all of the WindowsXP hotfixes,patches,updates..... Are joined into one file.. Could someone tell me the link to this page again?
  12. Whats this UXTHEME.DLL file that everyone keeps talking about? I would really like to enhance Windows GUI but the default one just sucks so I still use the Win2k stille! Any ideas?
  13. BigDaddy

    Windows XP

    I HAD A wIN98 install along WinXP! So I just backed up the Windows directory,Program Files... and connected the new HDD which was NTFS,then I booted the WinXP from my previous HDD then coppied everything from the backup disk to the new disk and all is working excelent now! Except I have some icon problem... check this link: http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?act=ST...ST&f=34&t=10495

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