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  1. I'm running Vista Ultimate RTM x64 Bit Edition on one of my PC's.. and I must say it's AWSOME! It's fast, stable, visually sweet, and to me my 3D PC gaming graphics look crisper and nicer quality. However.. I do have a few issues, not with errors or such, but in finding some software or utilities that allow overclocking of PC hardware.. My mobo chipset is a nVidia nForce and graphics card is 7950 GX2... nTune installs just fine and it executes just fine too, however, it will not allow me to overclock my processor, HTT, PCIe bus, or adjust memory timings... samething on my graphics card, no overclocking features and also it does not have any option to enable my 2nd GPU on my 7950 GX2 (multi-gpu / sli options). All it's offering me is > Manage 3D Settings and Display adjustments... I've tried several other utilities too, including Central Brain Identifier (work work @ all), nVtweak 171, PowerStrip x64 Beta, RivaTuner (locks up), nVhardpage SE, nVtray Tools v1.0.3.0, aTuner, eXpert Tool. Gosu 1.1, and nHancer 2.1.0 x64 .. None allow me to overclock or activate my 2nd gpu... Anyone know of something that will work w/ Vista x64? As for system overclocking, besides nTune, I've tried cpu.org's 'ClockGEN', and it won't work either... it can read the clocks, voltages, etc.. but can't overclock.. I can't think of anything else to try.. if anyone knows of anything, please lemme know ASAP!
  2. Sup fellas, I have'nt posted here in months.. but I need a favor from someone. I bought a HP Media Center PC for work, it had XP MCE 2005 installed, since the computer was being used @ work, there was no need for MCE 2005, since it can't be networked and used as a 'workstation' type PC.. so I also bought a WinXP Pro (32 Bit) CD and formatted the HP computer and installed XP Pro. Since I then had a MCE 2005 OS that had'nt been activated yet, I was going to use it @ my home, but low and behold, when I started looking for the HP XP MCE 2005 CD/DVD set, there was'nt any!!! It was on a seperate partition on the harddrive that I just formatted, and deleted and created (1) partition on.. lol??? Sooo... what I need is an 'OEM' copy of Windows XP MCE 2005 Edition.. there is nothing illegal going on here, I have a completely legal serial number that has not been activated yet... all I need is a copy of MCE 2005, it HAS to be 2005, I have a copy of 2004 I downloaded and burned, but it won't accept the 2005 serial number.. this was verified by Microsoft. I contacted HP to get a MCE 2005 CD/DVD set, but they are 'out of stock' and said they are'nt sure when they'll have it in.. what makes me mad is, they do have it, just not under the 'part number' of my PC and won't send me a copy from another PC... MCE 2005 is MCE 2005 .. it may have other drivers embedded in a copy for another PC, but I can work around that, but they don't care, it HAS to be under the part number of my HP PC. Truthfully.. I perfer a "OEM" copy from some place like NewEgg.com, so it's not HP specific.. I have (3) PC's, all home built, but one of them is using a HP motherboard, so an HP copy will work too. Anyone have a copy of MCE 2005 they can burn for me, or upload somewhere so I can download it? Non-specific OEM is perferred, but the HP copy will do too... Once again, there is nothing illegal about this, I have an unactivated legal serial, just lack the CD/DVD set! Lemme know please by responding here, or emailing: phaTX69@gmail.com
  3. Does the Windows Updates Downloader 2.24 Build 868 work with 'Windows XP Pro x64 Bit Edition' by any chance???
  4. WinXP Pro x64 Bit I use both WinXP Pro 32 Bit and x64 Bit.. and I love the x64 Bit OS, especially when it comes to running daily applications like Acrobate Reader, Photoshop, etc.. cause it loads and runs them much much faster.. I also like it's gaming Features, tho my FPS remain about the same, or sometimes a little higher, graphics are more crisp and detailed...
  5. Dunno why most of you download'd WS2003 .. doubt it was because you need'd a server OS .. probably the same reason I did, it was a free 6 month trial and you were curious of how the OS look'd and operated. I mainly build my systems for 3D Gaming .. and like to try out new OS's to see how they hold up for 3D gaming... I tweak'd WS2003 for over 2 hours til I finally got it how I want'd it (basically a workstation now). When properly convert'd over to a WorkStation OS it surprisingly plays 3D games very fast and smooth! Only hangup I have with it is support for optical mice that require there own software to take advantage of extra buttons and features .. WS2003 currently is compatible with the drivers/software. Atleast not with MS IntelliMice .. dunno bout other brands like Logitech.
  6. K .. thanks. I'm sure (or hope) someone will find or make one. I've tried modifying the drivers with no success so far. What about other Mice that require there own drivers like the Logitech MX500/MX700 optical mouse? Anyone tried to see if there drivers work? I ask because I currently have one MS IntelliMouse Explorer and a standard PS/2 Mouse on WinServer2003 .. but I plan on going out and buying another mouse today .. had my eyes on the MX500 from Logitech .. regaurdless of wether they work or not, I'm still more than likely g0nna get it .. just curious tho. (PS. I know alotta p33ps ask, why the MX500 .. the MX700 is better .. I just don't like wireless mice .. had one wigg out on me in a Clan Match while playing Counter-Strike .. )
  7. Welp .. just want'd to let you guys no I tried it again and it work'd this time .. exact same patch too, weird? Patch must have a bug in it that needs to be work'd out or something, cause the installation went exactly the same .. but this time when I reboot'd the themes were there. Just glad it works!
  8. Hey p33ps... g0tta question... I download'd and install'd Win2003 .. convert'd it to a WorkStation and it runs perfectly. Very fast and stable OS for gaming if tweak'd just right! Anyway .. I did run into one minor problem, actually more like just a annoyance. I can't seem to find any Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer drivers that will install on Server2003. I know why, cause a server OS really has no need for a 5 button optical mouse. But I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can install or of a older version of IntelliMouse drivers that might be able to install on Win2003? I download'd the MS IntelliPoint 4.1 drivers ... ran the setup and was quickly prompt'd that my OS was not support'd. I then manually extract'd the drivers and tried to force Win2003 to install them with no success .. received .inf file errors and warning about the keyboard may not function if I install these drivers since the mouse/keyboard share a common file I would be replacing. After that I gave up on it and just dealt with having my Explorer function as a standard PS/2 mouse... I really would like to find some type of work around for this tho. If anyone knows of something I can do or try ... lemme know please!
  9. Ok .. I have 2 OS's .. Windows XP Pro (SP1) and Windows Server 2003. I download the **uxtheme.dll autopatcher* meant for Windows XP (pre-SP1), Windows XP Sp1, and Windows Server 2003... When I ran & install'd the auto-patcher on Win2003 everything ran smoothly and worked flawlessly. I then decided to try it on XP .. this is my first time using uxtheme resource hack, always used "StyleXP" before. Anyway... after I ran & install'd the auto-patcher on XP, the "sfc" windows didnt pop up like on Win2003 (and yes it's enabled on my XP). I firgured maybe it acted differently on XP and reboot anyway, extract'd my visual styles to my resources/themes folder, then went to try and apply them... nothing show'd up. I then ran the auto-patcher again .. it said it was alrdy install'd and would I like to re-install my original uxtheme.dll .. so I figured yeah, then I can just re-install it and try it again .. I was prompt'd to reboot, I clicked "ok" and start'd to reboot .. an "error window" then appear'd and was color'd blue & green .. but you could'nt read any text that was written in it, or any text that was on the two buttons you had to choose from to finish reboot'n .. I clicked the furthest righthand button and Windows did nothing, so I then click'd the lefthand button and the reboot process finish'd. Upon start up .. I saw chkdsk run (why I don't know .. did'nt type any commands for it to run). I then saw it modifying or deleting some files, one of which was "uxtheme.dll" .. when Windows start'd up .. it was stuck @ the "welcome" screen for about 1 minute, then it switched to the desktop, but no icons/taskbar was visible .. I then said "o boy, somethings screw'd up" .. I click'd "ctrl/alt/del" and open'd the task manager .. I look'd in my processes and noticed explorer.exe was NOT running, I went to "file/new task" and tried starting "explorer.exe" manually .. recieved the error "explorer.exe could not be started because uxtheme.dll was missing, try re-installing the application".... From there I decided to open up "new task" again... typed "cmd.exe" and then typed "sfc /scannow" .. I figured surely this would fix it since when the uxtheme.dll resource hack is applied that "sfc" will start anyway because I system file was modified... well, sfc ran and finish'd .. tried start'n explorer again, same error, figured maybe I need to reboot, reboot'd... still nothing! I then insert'd my XP disc and was going to go into the "recovery console" and try and repair XP .. once there I type "chkdsk /r" (to check and repair errors) .. it ran and said it found 2 errors and repair'd them. I was like **woohoo, that fixed it** ... WRONG! Still the same error, tried a few other things threw recovery console .. but they didnt work either, plus I'm not sure exactly what all the command for recovery console are .. and decided I would just try and extract the file *uxtheme.dll* from the XP disc and copy it to my C:/Windows/System32 folder .. I tried it from the recovery console, but it would'nt except the commands there (maybe you can't do it from there) .. restart'd Windows again, let my half-a** desktop load and open'd the task manager again, then went to "file/new task" again and type'd "cmd.exe" .. tried to extract the file again from the disc, kept giving me "syntax error" msg's .. dunno if I was typing the path wrong or what (I'm sure the commands were correct)... Then I went to file again and ran another new task .. which was "msconfig.exe" .. I then decided to "expand/extract" a file that way .. unfortunately the "restore from" path was'nt being except'd .. I was typing D:/i386 .. (by cdrom was D: and i386 is the location of the xp system files). I was getting super annoy'd ... I finally tried one last thing before I was gonna say screw it and reformat .. I remember'd that I had a backup of the original "uxtheme.dll" on a floppydisk .. I insert'd the floppy while stile in the msconfig utility and change'd the "restore from" location to "A:/uxtheme.dll" .. it successfully copied the file into my System32 folder .. went to "new task" again and typed "explorer.exe" .. it start'd!!! I was sooooooooooo friggin happy @ that point! Anyway ... has anyone had a simular experience with this happening, or some other errors close to this? I was suggest'd from a person @ MSFN that I probably download'd the wrong "uxtheme.dll", that there was one meant for just Win2003 ... So I went and double check'd the webpage and file location I download from, which was here: http://www.MSFN.org/modules.php?modid=2&ac...tion=show&id=89 .. I got tis link from the "How to convert 2003 to a workstation" .. he told me the uxtheme.dll link'd from there was for 2003 only .. but it says plain as day **Supports Windows XP build 2600, XP build 2600 w/ SP1 build 1106, & WinServer 2003 build 3790** ... So it was'nt the wrong file, or if it was, it's mislabeled and needs to be correct'd. I've since then download'd the "xBetas auto-patcher" and another one from "Windows X" (the one from Windows X has same file name as one from link above .. 1 kb difference in size tho, so assume they are different in someway) WindowsX one says it works on all the above OS's to tho.... Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I have'nt tried to install the patch again cause I'm a little weary of it now ... considered I spent 1 & 1/2 hrs tryin to fix my XP OS .. I do know what to do now to fix it and still have a back'd up copy of the original uxtheme.dll on a floppy and a jumpdrive. But with my luck I would probably receive a totally different error this time and boom! I'm open to some suggestions tho....
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