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  1. Narcon

    Windows XP

    Thanks for all the help/sugestions. Norton Ghost 2003 arrived allbeit somewhat late, but I now have my system on a decent size hard drive. :beer:
  2. Narcon

    Windows XP

    Ghost is in the post, will report progress as it happens, (Monday).
  3. Narcon

    Windows XP

    Cheers for the reply, I will definately do a back up. Dont forget some of us cannot get broadband. I just dont want to have to go through hours of security updates again, also I have current Norton subscriptions. David
  4. Narcon

    Windows XP

    Hi all Please can anyone tell me how I would go about transferring all to a new hard drive. I dont want to start again, because of losing all updates etc. I also do not want to end up with two hard drives on the system. I understand I may have to re activate via MS. I have another computer I can temporaraly put both old and new hard drives on. Thanks David Henderson

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