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  1. Hi users'

    I nlited my xp disk and i have to faced strange problem with desktop icon. These look like i lokup them or i set any html page in background. but in orignal disk it dos't happen.

  2. and boot.ini file in hiden and readonly mode. So first make it in read/write mode and then open it in notepad and then delete line that is not you need. or set time to 00 for skiping this option. And in the last and first step is boot.ini file is located in "c:\" partation of your Hard disk.

  3. If this can be added.

    1. There is option "Password never expire" when select blank password was used.

    2. Option for enforce OOBE to run in every PC. Some PC bypass it like Intel Glad, Asus P4GE-MX, Intel GVSR, etc...

    3. First icon on desktop (My Computer, My documents).

    4. For local language there is option to integrate LIP(setup.msi) that can be download from microsoft.

  4. ok i found the problem source file. I edit syssetup.dll file so it made problem ... I replace this file with orginal file by coping from xp cd(orignal). So then i reinstall it in VM and i see that it work normaly.

  5. no need if you want's simple way........ just set password to account and then restart pc and see waht happen.

    Did it solve your problem? I am 100% sure that it resolve your problem.

    In the last i am sorry for "Net framwork V1.0". I am also want's to said about Net framwork v1.1.

  6. press Alt+Ctrl+Del and task manager appear . Click on shutdown manu and click on log off user . After log off again log on then it will work fine. After succes full logon just install Net framwork 1.0. It will resolve your problem.

  7. In what version will that be then?

    in all of 1.3beta, 1.3 rc2 and 1.3 final..........

    if you not agree with me try to create administrator privllage user with nlite having blank password and then install xp and check this user by administrator tool like "Computer Management" and then you will be find that "password never evpire" option was remain uncheked.

    If you create user with OOBE then this option is cheked(true) as Built-in account administrator.

  8. Hi users,

    I nlited my xp cd with v1.3 and install xp by VP. After installing xp i suprisse to see look of xp . Windows classic style applied and when i try to access network there is no network connection appear. Then i open device manager it show that nice was installed. Then i try to use dxdiag command it dos't show computer name and other information of main board.

    I open admin tool and check services. I am fritend to see that all services that set auto(those that xp orginal cd set auto) bydefault but not all of them runing. Only few of them runing. I teset three time orgnial xp sorce and lite it by v1.3 but all time same problem appear. services are not run but they set auto.

    I also delete folder of nlite from program file and clean install it but problem remain there. :realmad: I also attached my session files

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