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  1. Try this it will resolve your problem.

    1- Delete your partation where windows installed by winxp.

    2- Clean install Windows XP SP2.

    3- Install all your required drivers.

    4- Install netframwork 2 or 3.

    5- Install lite v3.0

    6- Copy your source xp disk in to HD.

    7- Now customize it and make iso by lite.

    8- Burn it with nero.

    9- Test it .

    B)I 100% sure it will resolve your problem. :hello:

  2. Simply install your XP from new CD-ROM drive. It is mostly happen when you are installing through old CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.

    If your problem remain their then try to search in sorce cd that if there is file presents?

  3. Ok Nuhi but microsoft dos't allow to use third party themes but nlited cd allow it. Microsoft enforce user to pass through "WGA" when you install WMP11 and IE7 but nlite solve this problem without passing "WGA" by integrate them in sorce cd. Microsoft allow these options?

  4. But i want's to use a logically pc that is configer able as user want's.

    For example vitural pc use ibm 300Gl PC strature. That config is below.

    1- VGA memory =4MB . Not configer able memory/ company.

    2- Sound menufacturer is same as you have in your physical PC. It is not change able.

    3- Lan card is also identified by your phusical PC.

    4- Only IDE supported. No configer able to SATA.

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