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  1. i have main board that has printed PYRAMID-5 and show Samsung logo during post. It has strang problem that is it dos not boot from any device also i change boot order too from startup. It dos not force any thing to boot. Now what i do?

  2. hi user my friend have laptop. When he start it an error occur and

    a screen appear it ask for ok or cencel. When he click on cencel it

    turn off and when he click on ok it show error number that are below.



    I also do not know what model it is.

  3. If you delete it then no problem. Just open winnt.sif and delete the line



    then save it and install xp. If any command placed in cmd then it will not work

  4. Hi users

    I have a scaner that model is "HP scanjet 3670" where from i get only driver for it?

    I have Windows XP Pro SP2. Hp download center have full cd for download that is nearly 230MB.

    But i need only driver that's size is max 20MB.

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