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  1. how can i unregister a file to avoid loading during startup of xp.

    Like when we install nero image drive it register a driver file image.sys. This file can be seen if we starup xp in safe mode this string will be shown


    and another file also as below shown.







    how can i unregister a file that is also placed in statrup..

  2. ALSO, as in at the same time with the setting to prompt repair, be allowed to use the loading of the $OEM$ folder structure for after Windows is in place.

    When set Prompt Repair, It can't allow to set loading $oem$ folder.

  3. hi all

    I have a problem with my folder. I install "Lock my Folder" and lock a folder by it. after this my windows crash with some other resion. After reinstall the windows xp i try to open my folder. But i dos not open and return an error. Now waht i do?

  4. Hi users,

    Can it possible to make bootable disk that boot and mount at Drive drive letter B: rest of drive letter A: and mount drive letter A: as ram drive? . I want's to use A: as read/Write . Due to updateing system bios proses that ask for A: drive to read/write .

  5. I did that, but still got the error.

    Like I said in post #3, I must be an issue with the hardware or other setup of the PC that I tried, as nLite works OK on my Virtual XP on my MacBook Pro.

    nLite isn't to blame for this.

    If error was about hardware then clean your mainboard, ram, vga etc... with CTC(carbon tetra chloride). Then rubbing ram’s golden pins with led-pencil eraser. Then clean install Windows XP

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