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  1. "Madhits 45" this is the line that case to not run oobe...

    OemSkipWelcome=1 to


    Then oobe will run on first run of windows xp if oobe was run from orginal xp cd then... If it also not run if you install from orignal xp cd

    then it will not run...

    nuhi it is not bug but just want's change by you...

  2. First of all i recommand you that you don't remove OOBE by nlit. If you don't removed oobe then simply do this action.

    after complateing process of nlite don't make iso. Then go to 386 folder and edit winnt.sif by notepad. modify the velue of "OEMskipwellcome=Yes" to "Oemskipwellcome=NO" then make iso by nlite and take a try to install xp...

    Will it run oobe? if work then PM me

  3. Hello

    I want's to ask a question that how can i integrate Windows Media Player 11 final in to XP. I don't want's to use addon.. Will it direct intergate into xp by nlite 1.2.1? :angel . If not will next version of nlite can integrate it? :angel

  4. I know the solution of this . Perhaps it is nlite bug but i recommand you you use $oem$ folder to resolve this problem.

    Copy Uxtheme.dll file from i386 folder after complating nlite program.

    Note: you have to enable uxtheme patch in nlite and dos't create an iso.

    And oem preinstlled to enable from user input sction.

    Now copy this fil in this folder as below i type.


    and now place $oem$ folder parallel to i386

    Will it work if so then reply me.

  5. First of all i am using xp and 2003 server but i like 98sec bc i like msdos based old games so they run on 98 best. I have a question that how can i create unattanded(msbatch.inf) 98sec. I want's to know tool which create this file as for xp a tool is nlite.

  6. One thing is every time missed which is that to enforce OOBE run in every PC and create user/users.

    In many PCs it dos't run and auto logon useing administrator account. By enforce OOBE to run will avoide Administrator account usage from end-users. :hello::thumbup

    Nuhi it is allowed by MS?. If allowed then try to do som thing for it. Other option Creating user is good but i like this option.

  7. I have the same issue that i integrate nvidia forceware driver version 91.47. After installing windows xp pro it dos't work and microsoft default drivers loaded.

    So next time i removed all display drivers and then integrate it. The problem remain their no driver was installed.

    So i have to install it menualy. This driver is WHQL verified. But i like to told you old drivers was work fine when i integrate them by nlite 1.0.1.

  8. If you some one can answe my question. I want's to ask how can i create user that have all admin option and created during instalation or at runonce by calling OOBE if it is possible.

    I had used nlite 1.2 rc2 and create user addone one by one and both at once none of them create user.

    Nlite create user but error at startup and so after menualy logon into administrator account if you want's to see user account by admin tool or by clicking on users in control panal there is no data of such user presents in.

    So i think if there is way that can create user so admin account can be avoide from end-users

  9. gain modified uxtheme.dll(not patched for this you can download Vista convertorPack 3.5 or any) from net and copy(replace) into i386 installtion folder then insall xp from cdboot.

    "Note": you have to uxthemepatche enabled before copying this file.

    and restart xp two time after first run then stayle will work and theme service must have set on.

  10. I want's to ask that how can i integrate local language in to xp cd that is in english language. I want's convert english language xp into my local language. I can convert only in runing windows xp sp2 by microsoft installer (local User interface installer) that is in "setup.msi" format. Will i possible? Will it allowed?

  11. Now ie7 final is become aviable will nlite 1.2 rc2 direct integrate it?. or next version will do it?

    and another question is that when i used patched uxtheme.dll option in nlite and use custom themes but it could not apply custom themes also show them but not apply them. What should i do to apply them?

  12. The question is not that i use is not genuine the question is when i integrate ie7 and wmp11 without LegitCheckControl.dll pack both not work.... and ask for genuine windows xp... But when i integrate LegitCheckControl.dll pack both work and genuine error occour... I can menualy remove it by WGAremove.exe as you menssion above. When iuse without ie7 and wmp11 no error of WGA... it work best.

    But if i use LegitCheckControl.dll file by $oem$ folder and use registerd serial number will this error occour?

    i used this "LegitCheckControl.dll" copy into system32 folder and change serial no: by jellykey all work fine ie7 and WMP11 in runing windows.

  13. No i said this option duto where i live there is no option to buy registerted XP cd..(there is no MS. offfice or office is only one in country & not near). And i have no credit card too... So if you simply write a script that resolve this option.. I have removeWGA.exe but i want's that it run automatically during installaton. No need to user interface for enduser.

    If you can.... then...

  14. Nuhi if you never mind i want's that if there is an option in nlite to patching these files for those users that use illegal windows copy... as you add sfcDisable and patchUxtheme.dll file option in nlite..

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