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  1. Hi, long time since i last posted here. Heads up to BTS, have been comming here since the very beginning. Always used Method3 from BTS and always had problems with nvraid. I used my own solution in combination with that of ryanmv so allmost never needed to ask things here. 2 days ago I installed a new mobo and graphic card so I needed a fresh install and i decided to build an equally fresh install cd and gave the new BTS driverpacks a try. They work perfectly with nvraid now, at least for my Asus a8n sli. I am very gratefull for that, implementing my own solution was a tedious work. But with t
  2. Hi all, a contribution from me. I made (with a little help from Gunsmokingman) a .hta file that contains all my bootscreens (29 in total). You can run this app from WPI or Runonce, ... Hovering above an image reveals some explenations and clicking the image installs that particular bootscreen. What it actually does is just making some adjustments to your boot.ini because the actual bootscreens.Exe files are allready copied into you system32 when installing windows. They are placed in $OEM$\$$\system32. The actual bootscreens are too large to upload here but I will upload them if demand is high
  3. Ok, i uploaded all the .exe bootscreens. They are made for use with single processor. Ofcourse you need other hacked windows files to use these, all info on the homepage; http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/bootscreen.htm If gunsmokingman will be so kind to finish his script. new uploads as f 18-12-2005 http://rapidshare.de/files/9360990/part1.7z.html http://rapidshare.de/files/9361072/part2.7z.html http://rapidshare.de/files/9361109/part3.7z.html http://rapidshare.de/files/9361159/part4.7z.html http://rapidshare.de/files/9361223/part5.7z.html Bye
  4. Thanks, I knew it was a good idea. But I'm not that good in vb or js, let alone I have the time. Gotta support the wife you know. Gunsmokingman suggested taking over the project so I am happy someone will make my idea happen. I will attach the rest of the images. Ofcourse I also have all the corresponding ntoskrnl.exe files that I made myself. But they are all about 2.5mb a piece. Any suggestions of where to upload all that? I used up all my spare time making them. I downloaded a bunch of files I liked and fiddled with them until they were just right for my taste. Photoshop is my thing. The na
  5. @Bi0haZarD lol, that would be interesting; making 2000 copies of calculator to start. What I am trying to do is creating a html file that starts up via WPI so you can choose wich startupscreen you want to be installed. You would click on a picture to get that bootscreen at next startup. Look at the attachment. Not all pictures included, file was too large. @gunsmokingman Thanks, I'll look into that. I searched on the web a whole lot and yes, it's possible but a pain in the b.. Bootskin_html.7z
  6. nope, just the same result as i always have: it opens the .cmd as a text file in the _self window. I want it to execute.. must be possible!!!! But how.
  7. I'm trying to get a .cmd to run when clicking a picture. Right now, all I get is the .cmd opening in the sae window as plain text. How do I execute the code?
  8. I checked winnt.sif, all was as before. Resolution 1280x1024@75. Now i've checked everything. What could it be that my screenresolution @ startup is 800x600? As I said, drivers are installed. I use WPI so that has a .cmd that changes resolution in case windows didn't. But even that won't help. EDIT; I found the solution. I removed the contents of D\N in DriverPack_Graphics_A and replaced it with the new ones from nvidia, 81.95. I made a quick batch file to expand all the the files with a .xx_. works like a charm.
  9. Hello, Don't know if 'Driverpack Graphics' is the right forum for this; Ever since I moved to the install from dvd method (it used to be copy all to hd and install from there) I get a screenresolution of 800 x 600 @ 60hz. I use WPI so it's downright annoying in that resolution. I remember that before it allways was 1280 x 1024 @ 85 hz as stated in WPI prefs. Am I missing something? I know WPI uses a screenresolution chenger but why doesn't it work anymore? When skipping the WPI part I can change it manually to whatever I want and graphics driver 78.01 is installed and working. specs: MSI k8n d
  10. yup, but let me explain a bit. (keep in mind; method 3 is used) I was using an older pack but i thought i would give the new ones a try again. The old ones worked pretty good. Now with the latest drivers (dowlded them the day before yesterday) i have the stated problems. The raid drivers never worked in your packs so i integrated my own drivers that came with the diskette, cabbed them and added them to txtsetup and to dosnet. That was a few months back and that worked great! no problem at all. Don't ask me wich changes i made, it's been too long, i should have made a changelog or something. I
  11. Uhm, I found the solution! I had the same problem, no drivers were getting installed. BUT WHY is -method 3 will be removed because it's useless, obsolete ????? The problem of the drivers not getting installed lies in BTS_DPs_M3.cmd (called from winnt.sif) It says; REM +===========================================================+ REM | Decompressing the DriverPacks to the harddisk. | REM |-----------------------------------------------------------| CD /D %DPDIRROOT% %CDDRIVE%\7za.exe x -y -aoa %SystemDrive%\DriverPack_*.7z -o"%SystemDrive%" DEL /Q %SystemDrive%\DriverPack_*.7z %SystemDrive%\7z
  12. I have the same problem using all the latest driverspacks. Just updated from an older version of you driverpacks. Now I have a few problems I did not have before; _ Same problem with NVIDIA nForce RAID Class controller _ Soundcard doesnt work, it's installed though but no sound at all. _ I now have 1 LAN port that says no connection , I had that before and I just disabled it to get rid of the systemtray icon. But now when I try to deactivate it the comp BSOD's. The other port is ok and is installed as a Realtek. Systemspecs; MSI nforce 3 K8N Diamond 6800 GT 3200+ SB audigy 2 ZS USING METHOD 3
  13. I know what %cdrom% is for and how to control it. I use WPI, so if you know that program you know there is a batch file that calls WPI but also sets the cd-letter by searching a .ico file in the root directory of the cd. ALL my other programs work correctly. Just Photoshop, iTunes and Dreamweaver won't anymore since I went for the 'install apps from dvd' method.
  14. Hello, been doing this a long time but recently i converted my whole dvd in order to get all applications installing from the dvd in stead of the hd. I use WPI. Everything worked before (when installing from the hd) but now when installing from the dvd I can't seem to get a few programs installed anymore. _ Photoshop CS _ iTunes _ Dreamweaver7 I read in these forums that for instance photoshop only works from cd (or dvd) when adding another command like this; Installing from hd= %systemdrive%\install\Applications\PhotoshopCS\Photoshop\setup.exe -s Installing from dvd= %cdrom%\Applications\Appl
  15. I have worked many hours to get my unattended cd just perfect and just when i think all is fine; I have always tested my data on a fast cdrw, every bit of data is identical to the data i would put on the final dvd except for the 'application' folder. The cdrw works flawless (not mentioning 'can't find application' errors because the folder is not there for obvious reasons) At the T-12 Mark, my computer just stops doing anything... The little dots at the bottom still blink but it just sits there for ever if i let it. And the funny thing is: IT DOES THIS ONLY WITH THE DVD. Any ideas? Does posti
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