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  1. I am looking to see if anyone has found a way to download the complete list of print drivers microsoft has available when you use the "WindowsUpdate" Feature when installing a printer.....I want to build an internal repository of available drivers for server admins.
  2. The company I work for uses Scalable Software (an inventory system and Keylogger)... I have successfully averted it being installed on my machines until now.... I know how to uninstall it.... but was wondering if anyone knows any tricks to preventing it from reinstalling.... 1) I use a different Local Admin Password and I am the only one in the Admin Group. 2) I have created a dummy scinstallernt.exe in the windows directory and removed all access (even from myself)
  3. I am looking for graphical version of the Netdom.exe utility.... I currently have my workstations and servers broken up into different OU's and would like to provide our personel in the field an easy .exe that will allow the to browse to the OU of where they would like to place the computer account... If anyone has seen this please include a link!! Thanks!
  4. Has Anyone seen this before? I have a user who is in a group that has delegated rights to create, delete, and modify computer objects in the domain.... nobody but this guy is having issues joining machines to the domain.. when I created the computer account in the domain and set the list of who can join the machine to the domain to the delegated group he can join the computer to the domain otherwise the following shows up in the security log Object Open: Object Server: Security Account Manager Object Type: SAM_SERVER Object Name: CN=Server,CN=System,DC=xxu,DC=xx,DC=xxx,DC=com Handle ID: - Operation ID: {0,89820723} Process ID: 600 Process Name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe Primary User Name: SERVERDC01$ Primary Domain: WIN2K3DOM Primary Logon ID: (0x0,0x3E7) Client User Name: ANONYMOUS LOGON Client Domain: NT AUTHORITY Client Logon ID: (0x0,0x55A5828) Accesses: MAX_ALLOWED Privileges: - Properties: --- samServer Access Mask: 0 For more information, see Help and Support Center at
  5. Winguidesdavid_j_griffin@dom.com I work for a fairly large utility company that is in the process of getting rib of all the remaining Novell trees.. we have a site that is strictly Novell.... They apply Zen Policies to the desktop... and when we join the machines to the domain.. the machines don't work well until we strip off the local policy files (windows\system32\grouppolicy\user).... Unfortunately we will not be migrating all the workstations at one time so I am looking for something to prevent Novell Policies from being applied to the workstations. I have found the following registry key for disabling Microsoft GPO's from being applied... http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/1161/ I am looking for the same kind of thing for Novell Polices!! Please assist!! (Assisting with this will help rid one more company of the terrible Novell!!) Winguidesdavid_j_griffin@dom.com
  6. I am looking for a good master list of restricted sites (hopefully in .reg format)... I have found one site and wanted to see if anyone had additionals sites with a master list.. https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ehowes/www/resource.htm Thanks!! David
  7. http://www.rallenhome.com/books/adcookbook/code.html
  8. Alright guys.... Even if you have heard this before and don't know the answer.... let's start some replies...... this would be really helpful if I could get this fixed.... Thanks!! David
  9. Just a weird one..... If you type %DATE% in Windows 2000 (after modifying your regional options) you always get the first part of the Day.. like "Thur".. it appears that it is using the long date format.... whereas when you modify the date format in XP and type %DATE% you get 10-28-2004 (correct)... where is the modification to get 2000 to format dates in dos like that?
  10. Does anyone know of a hopefullly free tool that will do auditing on usage of a 2000 Print server?
  11. This is my first post on this forum so bear with me.... I work for a very large Utility Company that is in the process of setting up a Windows 2003 Active Directory.... but they are totally against using Microsoft DNS! I need to find someone who has experience with Nortel's NET ID DNS Product (Bind 8)... I have checked into the product and it support DDNS and should technically work with Active Directory.. but I have never heard of anyone doing it. Some Questions Specific to NET ID 1) What settings are required in the DNS Zone to allow updates (Resource Records) 2) Is there a business case out there for or against doing this? 3) Is there anyone out there that has experience with this? 4) In a scenerio like this is making the Domain Controllers Secondary DNS servers a must or just a nicety (In my company there is a seperate team that handles DNS and they just spent a ton of Money on NET ID and will not be happy if they have to now support two platforms). Thanks in Advance!!

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