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  1. "It is in there" doesn't tell me if you are certain it is 32bit wimgapi.dll or 64bit, this error is known when 64bit is used, it should always be 32bit (from x86 folder in WAIK).

    Also use AIK SP1 if you didn't.

  2. That is why Server component removal isn't supported and it will remain like that until I give it another try and make Manager work even after vLite.

    Congrats on the cutting edge method, not even linux enthusiasts can complain ;)

  3. I presume .NET 3.5.

    Component Cache (winsxs). You can also extract the 3.5 installer, integrate MSP files then winsxs can be removed and 3.5 will install fine later on. Note that these MSPs integrate for a looong time.

  4. My question above still stands, can you let me know here or by PM nuhi. I can understand it has low priority for you, but I am still curious and would like to know the cause.

    Just a guess:

    "Install this update to add words to the English and German standard dictionaries"

    And yours is neither of those, does that mean a bug in the hotfix. Problem is you are reporting the hotfix integration issue on the full Vista (because vLite integrates first then removes) which has nothing to do with me...I hope :)

  5. It is true that more than half can be removed but I still don't see why would anyone use a server instead of vista sp1 for a client pc.

    Don't give me benchmarks, first setup both the same and test for yourself. That means remove from Vista what Server doesn't have from the start and setup caching and priorities the same, whatever there is.

  6. Dobby, ok added.

    Let me explain the lack of IR separation.

    Every time the sub component is separated from the bigger component we run into issues once the hotfixes are applied because they blindly update the whole component.

  7. It usually does that when you browse to the already SP1 version, why slipstream into a SP1.

    Thank you nuhi. Perhaps you're right, but if it already has SP1 on it, then why would the "repair your computer" option fail and tell me that I have the wrong version of Vista?

    Can you confirm that yours is not RTM?

    How can I confirm this?

    That's different issue now, I am not in charge of Vista recovery console.

    First make sure that the content of the DVD is actually the same version as installed.

    Why Vista recovery didn't detect...well did you install XP on different or on the same partition as where your Vista was?

    Can you run some sort of command like to initiate boot fix, like Vista WinPE or Recovery Console?

  8. It will warn you about the needed components if you keep Wireless service and Battery.

    You can also use USB flash stick for booting installation.

    I would recommend to select for removal only those things that you know that you don't need like for example Tour is not needed for WiFi or battery. Slowly build upon it, when issues arises that make no sense then ask us.

    Best wishes.

  9. It usually does that when you browse to the already SP1 version, why slipstream into a SP1. Can you confirm that yours is not RTM?

    Btw that disappearing is ugly, that is a glitch, it should be invisible from the start on other than RTM source. Fixed in next one.

  10. Do you have a 32bit wimgapi.dll in the vLite folder?

    Try deleting it and install WAIK then run vLite again.

    But if in vLite 1.1.6 you had the same that doesn't make any sense.

    Error 11 is: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

    Try also uninstalling Wim filter by running vlite with the unwim switch

    vlite.exe /unwim

    reboot and run vlite normally.

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