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  1. Hi Tseng,

    it's more than alright, I just got a baby.

    Back now, consider it was my earned "vacation".

    Been also adding translation support before that, and some other updates.

    Planning to release an update in a week, I would like to squeeze in a few more tests and fixes.

  2. Feel free to test it, I don't know what's confusing with I am not supporting (which includes testing it, not even curious).

    NTLite supports Win7+, vLite should work for Vista, haven't tested that in years either.


    Maybe I'm missing your point, are you saying please test it and give us a clear statement what works and what doesn't, with Vista?

  3. Hi Tseng,


    it is a registry cleanup issue, in my case it was hotfixes returning partial shell entries.

    I will contact you with an automatic live fix and implement it in the next version.

    As to which components not to remove to avoid that, haven't checked fully, but Game Explorer is one of them. I will check this depeer if it becomes more frequent.

  4. Hi Ponch,


    vLite is not supported for years, nor Vista by Microsoft since April 10, 2012 (mainstream support).


    NTLite was made from scratch, in another programming language, and during that I did not have the luxury to support obsolete OS versions, even though I would like to since it is similar.

    However tool now requires Win7 to run, as I used newer Windows APIs.

    I am not gonna test and support obsolete Windows for a handful of people while it takes the same time to test as Win7, 8.1 or 10 on each new build.

    Also you can find vLite out there and use that.


    I hope you understand.

  5. Hi kosamja,


    thank you for the report about the Remote Access Connection manager dependency, I'll report if I cannot replicate the issue, and try to detach them.


    Event Log requires .NET Core, or it (the MMC snap-in) cannot be opened. When a component is positioned under another, it means the parent is required for it to function.

    That core is really a tiny piece, I made sure to split the minimum required portion of .NET, just for that purpose.

  6. Hi Slimster,


    yes, it will be. I already bought a certificate 3-4 months ago, but never gotten to the notary to send my documents. Lazy by being too busy :)

    Also lately since using some additions to the packaging process, there has been a lot more false positive malware warnings, so I need to hurry up with the signature, this submitting to antivirus companies is annoying.

  7. tordenflesk and radiku, sorry for the delay, haven't seen this topic until now.


    That's interesting, I cannot replicate the issue.

    Please attach ntlite.log file (File-Settings-Temp) at the moment of the error.


    Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Hi Tseng,


    a reason for it to be in recommended is because it is always good to have Firewall, and that Windows one is not that bad once you get Outbound limitations configured.

    Which brings me to hardware firewall. In order to selectively per application block outbound traffic, you would still need a software firewall I guess.


    You can remove it, but as in another topic, since you probably do it Live, please backup first as there needs to be a way to revert back in case you are not happy with the results, and I can fix in next version.

  9. Hi mattd25b, so you would like the tool to edit the existing unattended setup. It doesn't support that yet, it creates the entire file from the entered data on the Unattended page.


    Have you tried removing the computer name entry from your unattended file (autounattend.xml in the root)?

    It would be something like:

    <settings pass="specialize">
    <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

    You could delete the entire component element, and you can test it in a virtual machine like VMWare Player or HyperV as an ISO (you can create one from that folder with NTLite).


    Joining a domain option will be in the next version due to multiple requests, out in a few days. If you want to edit manually before that, let me know.

  10. bapt, cardspace and biometrics are cleaned in b2018.

    Also server should be removable (SMB Server Common). It just wasn't detected for Win7 properly, it was there for 8.1, ah.

    Splitting tabletpc and mobilepc will be checked in one of next versions.

  11. sixcentgeorge, please open new threads when you report bugs or express wishes, this is R4D3's topic, not forum root.

    And if you insist on arguing or spamming, I have to censor you.

    Thread cleaned.


    edit: you didn't even understand my reply above, it is your KEY problem for Win10, not NTLite. Select "Windows Technical Preview" image next time.

  12. 1) I found Sync Center but for "File and printer sharing (Server)" it's File Sharing Support?


    I have to delete everything (SMB Server 1 and 2 and SMB v1 and v2)?

    I would keep the "windows service" Wokstation

    2) looking more and I found, the list is not complete (that is ongoing I guess)

    3) ok for the license, I'll try that. It also works after reinstalling Windows?


    - How to remove "upgrade" and "support" folder in ISO


    - With Rt7lite, I remove "Windows Firewall" and I have no problem using

    I can also delete with NTLite

    1) I guess you want to remove Server and keep Workstation? Workstation is Computer Browser component, Server is File Sharing Support indeed. I'll see about splitting that better so that server has its own branch.

    3) yes

    4) Search for Support, and Manual Setup in Removals, they are under System

    5) Got your Firewall report and replicated, will fix in next version, thx for the heads up.

  13. Also, it seems that KB947821 is only meant when there are problems with WU, so maybe you should hard code it and give some warning that it'll be integrated as RunOnce and even that this update is not required.


    And, I have one more update, which you maybe can help me with. KB2830477. I integrated it, but Windows Update still shows it, but only 900kb, and original size of update is around 6MB.

    Alright, forcing KB947821 to runonce then, makes sense. They should have blocked offline integration then, weird.


    KB2830477 with less size after, did not experience that so can't tell for sure, but that may mean that KB2830477 was updated and WU offers just the diff. Similar thing happened to me with Update 1 before, while it listed same KB name but smaller.

    Try redownloading KB2830477 (and any other KBs next to it if it's part of a bundle - RDP updates?) fresh from MS and compare with your previous file(s).


    If it's not that, then it's the hell with RDP update sorting, they made those fixes such that a few of them must be installed after others so can't be integrated, plenty of results about it online.

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